The CCP VIRUS Already Killed Millions of Innocent Lives Including Chinese People

Author: Lily

Image Source: Gnews

The virus was not leak from lab at all now we know, the CCP has planned and researched it for many years and intentionally released it in hurry, they don’t care millions of Chinese people died, they just made the virus spread to the whole world.  Fauci and WHO and others are corrupted and helped the CCP who is not only ignore Chinese people’s lives, but also not care about everybody’s lives. The world has tolerated the CCP for decades and got cheated by them, giving them a chance to become stronger and stronger. This is a huge mistake made by several former US presidents.

The truth will never come out without people fighting for it.

Somebody asks:

Why would anyone weaponize a virus if they don’t intend to use it as a weapon?

A good question. The CCP did it intentionally and have been trying to cover-up even now.

Here’s the CCP’s purpose: To destroy America, take over the world, build a new world order under the CCP’s rule. Everybody can only believe one religion: Communism, no Christian, no shinto, no Buddhist, no Islam, no any other religions and the CCP and their future generations would rule the planet for ever with the assistance of high tech, including viruses and vaccines.

The 2019 Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China, which the American Military team attended too. By happen it’s held in Wuhan?!

Please search what happened to Canada team during this game time. Right before the game, the authority had ever held a drill  in the city, the name is exactly called: “Grand Drill on Coronavirus ”  (in Chinese) in Sep. 2019.

2019 Military World Games

Respectful Mr Guo Wengui has warned the world on the CCP’s bioweapon plan and other CCP’s plans on his public livestream broadcast since years ago, but nobody listened, and the corrupted YouTube, twitter, Facebook shutdown all his accounts to try to silence him. To save the world, Mr.Miles Guo started Whistle-Blowers Movement and more and more people including Chinese people, Americans and others who know the CCP very well and also know all he said is true started to follow him, spread the truth. Thousands of Tweeter accounts,  Facebook accounts of his followers got deleted,  some people even lost their lives. Mr. Miles Guo and his founded rule of law foundation successfully helped Dr Li Meng YAN the most important witness of the CCP virus( Covid-19) to flee HK and finally arrived America on April 28/29, 2020 safely and have been protecting her until now.

To fight against the censorship and swearing of those dirty and corrupted social media and platform giants, be able to continually speak out the truth, Mr Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) started to build new social media platforms and other series like Gnews, G-TV and Gettr, but all the major social media corrupted by the CCP continually suppress his voice and all his platforms, have kept banning all his platforms’ links until now.

Maybe Dr. Fauci and other accomplices don’t realize that, even their future generations would lose all the freedom if the CCP really totally take over the world and build their so-called new world order, because all the CCP’s promises can be broken, they are never trustable.

Let’s go through a story: The CCP’s scientists genetically edited the virus in their Wuhan lab and brought it to the local wet market just few miles away from the lab, and made it broken out just right before Chinese New Year and then they told people it’s from nature and have been trying to cover-up with their international accomplices.

People can verify it. The truth won’t be covered-up for ever.

“When people get close to the truth of COVID-19, the same question is raised:

How could we STOP CCP to release other weaponized virus, to launch the next pandemic? Clearly, no way to prevent such disaster if Chinese Communist Party & its agent network exists.” (Quoted from Dr Li Meng Yan)

(The article only represents the author’s opinion)

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