[CCP CHINA JOKES] Interview with Three-hole Lan

[Author] 加州建房哥
[Editor] Mi John

Once, Three-hole Lan interviewed a construction worker.

Three-hole Lan: “Are you hard at construction work?”
Construction Worker: “Look at my hands. They are all calluses. Tell you a secrete, I am also doing construction in my dreams.”
Three-hole Lan: “It’s very hard work, all calluses are worn out.”
Construction Worker: “Are you hard at work?”
Three-hole Lan: “I am as hard as you are. It’s live broadcast here, and I won’t show you my three mouths.”

【Disclaimer】This product is purely fictitious. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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1 month ago

一切都已经开始,Take Down The CCP !!!


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