[Topple CCP] Joe Biden Said Xi Jinping is Not His Friend

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Source: the Christian Science Monitor

After the summit in Geneva, the US is improving its relationship with Russia, a competitor it previously traded barbs with. The new US-Russia harmony may be targeting Communist China, which the US perceives as a pacing threat. President Joe Biden gave speech at the press conference after the summit meeting, directly declaring that Chairman Xi Jinping is not his friend.

When questioned whether he’ll have a phone call with his old friend Xi Jinping, Biden said, “Let’s get something straight. We know each other well. We’re not old friends. It’s just pure business.”

Biden indirectly criticized Communist China for its lack of transparency over the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though Communist China tried hard to spread the propaganda that it helped the world during the pandemic, the world is aware of its coverup.

“China is trying very hard to project itself as a responsible and very, very forthcoming nation. That they are fighting very hard to talk about how they’re taking and helping the world in terms of COVID-19 and vaccines. And they’re trying very hard. Look, certain things you don’t have to explain to the people of the world. They see the results.”

To counter the potential danger of the next pandemic, Biden proposed an early warning and response mechanism by countries worldwide. But he didn’t specify how this mechanism will be organized or operated.

As for US-Russia relationship, Biden reiterated the US stance on human rights. He raised the issue of fundamental human rights to Putin, including the wellbeing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. There is ample room for compromise. Biden pointed out that American businesses won’t invest in Russia unless it abides by international rules. A show of goodwill may be releasing Americans detained in Russia. Putin could in fact burnish Russia’s reputation if he allows more freedom to the media, including Western channels like the Voice of America.

In addition, Biden and Putin also discussed extensively over cybersecurity, especially the recent ransomware attack on American oil pipelines. Biden proposed a rule-based agreement in which critical infrastructure are off limits from cyber-attacks. Such an agreement will bring mutual benefit to both the US and Russia. Even the Russians agreed they don’t want a devastating cyber-attack on their oilfields. According to Biden, the US also possesses “significant cyber capability” that Russia is aware of.

A friendship with the US actually serves Russia’s national interest. Nobody on earth wishes to be the enemy of the US. Biden indicated a Cold War is “the last thing [Putin] wants.” This is true because Communist China is a threat to both countries. Russia can’t afford to antagonize the US while facing the threat of Communist China.

“You got a multi-thousand-mile border with China. China’s moving ahead, hell bent on election as they say, seeking to be the most powerful economy in the world, the largest, and the most powerful military in the world,” Biden indicated he told this to Putin.

It is not known yet whether Putin will try to build a friendship with the US. But a wise man will always follow his self-interests. Being a friend of the US brings peace and prosperity. It is also in the interest of the Chinese people to take down the CCP, so that China can be a prosperous democracy as well.


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