‘We’re On The Same Page’: G7 Leaders Agree on China and Climate Matters

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Image: AFP. (June 12, 2021).

At the G7 Summit earlier this month, leaders of member nations (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States) agreed on climate change and China’s intent to dominate the globe as two significant threats to international peace and security. 

On Saturday, leaders of Australia, South Africa and South Korea physically joined the Summit, with India participating remotely, to discuss foreign policy challenges. The leaders’ sights included Belarus and Myanmar, with US President Joe Biden calling for countermeasures against Communist China’s forced labour practices on its citizens, including the Uyghur minority. China continues to deny the allegations.

Mr Biden also met with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Summit, discussing how Western nations should counter threats posed by China and Russia.

“We’re on the same page,” Mr Biden stated.

The G7 leaders promised to collectively progress hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure investment for developing nations in a high-standard, transparent partnership driven by mutual values.

Furthermore, the elite nations’ “Build Back Better World” (B3W) project aims to counter China’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI has been criticised worldwide for entrapping smaller nations in enormous debt.

Despite her nation’s considerable investments in China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the B3W project was essential for Africa, which lacks stable infrastructure.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed particular approval for the group’s “Carbis Bay Declaration,” announced on Sunday at the G7 Summit closing communique.

“The #CarbisBayDeclaration marks a proud and historic moment for us all,” Prime Minister Johnson tweeted.

The pact outlines collective commitments to prevent future pandemics, following the COVID-19 pandemic’s destruction of lives and economies worldwide. For example, it aims to shorten the development and licensing periods of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics to under 100 days. Another commitment is strengthening global surveillance networks to prevent the concealment of future disease outbreaks like China hid its COVID-19 outbreak in 2019.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief, also welcomed the declaration. Mr Adhanom has been criticised for his submissive attitude towards China, the origin country of the pandemic.

He also challenged the elite group of leaders to vaccinate at least 70 per cent of the global population before the 2022 G7 Summit in Germany.

Hence, despite rapidly mounting reports and evidence of the fatalities and dangers of the rushed COVID-19 vaccines (even Bill Gates spilled the beans), G7 leaders also pledged to donate one billion vaccine doses to developing nations throughout the rest of this year and 2022.

“We welcome the generous announcement made by G7 nations about donations of vaccines, but we need more, and we need them faster. . .Immediate donations are vital,” Mr Adhanom told reporters.

The aid charity Oxfam stated the G7 declaration fails to address the real problems preventing most countries from accessing an adequate number of vaccines for their population.

At Sunday’s concluding session, the G7 leaders also announced a “Nature Compact,” which included new conservation and carbon emission targets to counter the climate crisis. These goals involve halving carbon emissions by 2030 and reversing biodiversity loss.

Furthermore, the elite club of nations announced a raise in financial support for developing countries affected by climate change. The matter is planned to be raised again in the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland this November.

Before the three-day Summit’s end, the G7 leaders also enjoyed an informal evening together featuring a Royal Air Force aerobatics display, beach barbecue, marshmallow roasting and a Cornish troupe singing sea shanties.

The G7 Summit was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Daily Mail Online. (June 12, 2021). G7 leaders take on China, Covid and climate.

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