【G Times】The really needed early warning is your conscience

Author/Picture: Giselle Translation: Una

1. At the G7 summit held on June 12, Australian Prime Minister Morrison called for the establishment of an early warning system in order to timely alert the world when a new  type of coronavirus appears.

——We are now vigorously warning! Early warnings of vaccine disasters, promotion of hydroxychloroquine sulfate and ivermectin for early prevention and treatment, and calls for a thorough investigation of the source of the virus. We have been shouting for more than one year, where is the response?

Politicians are still trying their best to fool the public into vaccination, completely ignoring the catastrophe and big data caused by it! So, is this just because there is no early warning system?

I’m afraid what really needed is your conscience, right?

2. The CCP issued a post-National Day war mobilization order, the State Council and the Central Military Commission can recruit male citizens between 36 and 45 years old as needed.

——The cannon fodder is not enough, and now grab the ordinary young men.

Beware of the CCP’s “cannon fodder tactics”: creating  humanitarian disasters, or letting you massacre unilaterally… Then, negotiate with you as a victim.

3. The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China issued a document stating that the United States regards China as its “first competitor” and that China should maintain its strategic confidence. In facing of the new power competition centered as role models, cooperation, dividends and ideologies, the CCP should do its own thing and prepare for the external pressure.

——Competition for role models: tell the Chinese story well and widely publicize the superiority of socialism;

Competition for cooperation: continue to draw a big pie, and conduct the BGY plan; 

Competition for dividends: splurge the dividend of more than one billion people and their consumer market;

Competition for ideologies: expand the dictatorship camp and spread the red flag all over the world.

4. Netease News: When the world faces the threat of the epidemic, China suspends the debt repayment of 77 countries. This is a demeanor performance of a great power…

——The other countries have no money to pay back! Or they don’t want to pay it back! What can you do?!

If they want to pay it back, they should also pay it back to the New Federal State of China, right?

How did this epidemic occurring? Who produced the virus?

None of the 200 countries in the world has not been affected by the virus, resulting in population deaths and economic depression, so the money probably can’t come back to you CCP.

5. BBC News: French Electric EDF confirmed that the concentration of noble gases at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant has increased, and it’s currently suspected that there is a problem with the fuel rods. However, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGN) Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture stated that “according to the data available, the plant is operating within the safety parameters”.

——If the concentration increased, why not adjust the parameter higher, then it’s in the normal range?!

6. A special commentator (named Mars Phalanx) of the Global Times: The United States not only politicized the viruses and vaccines, but also politicized roads and bridges…

——The CCP has virusized politics, weaponized viruses, toyed weapons, bridged toys, brittled bridges… but they just don’t know that they has become a global “joke”…

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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