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The 11th issue of Blue Maple Law broadcasted on June 12, our special guests talked about the nature of real estate in Communist China.

In North America Canada, whether your house is rented or bought, you live here, this is your home, you have full authority, even the landlord can’t enter freely. There was a story that when the king of England went to a poor old lady’s house, when he stood at the door, he had to ask “May I come in, please? It is very common in the West. But in the Communist China a lot of problems are exposed.

The Notice on Accelerating the Development of the Housing Rental Market in Large and Medium-sized Cities with Net Population Influx in 2017 was legislated to clarify the rights and obligations of tenants and gradually to make tenants have the same treatment as home buyers in terms of basic public services. However, in reality, the equal rights are not implemented and still full of discrimination in Communist China.

For example, there are a large number of migrant workers or other urban inflow of people, they have children’s schooling problems, because the house is rented, they do not belong to this school district and can’t be enrolled. This forces a large number of poor people who can’t afford to buy a house for their children, driving their lives to a desperate situation.

A different right for tenants and buyers is a non-civil society. It does not respect the human rights of each individual. A home is your home whether you rent or buy it. It’s every person’s basic human right and need. The rented house is also my home, which is the element of family in Western society, it is protected in the West. In Chinese constitution, no matter how beautiful it says, the different rights of renting and buying cause a lot of discrimination. Forcing people to squeeze everything they own to buy a house, which drives up housing prices, especially school district houses.

We Chinese pay great attention to the education of the next generation, they are forced to squeeze the savings to buy a house even they cannot afford, actually every class are squeezed precisely. It has caused discrimination between all classes, which is one of the reasons leading to the rise in housing prices in China. For the future and education of your child, you have to be exploited.

The comparison between China and Western countries illustrates the serious problems of China’s non-civil society, reflecting the fact that there are no citizens in China only “leeks”.

There are no factors that force you to buy a house in North America. The reason why most people do not buy a house is not because they can’t afford it, even a part-time job should support them to buy a place to live, they just do not have this kind of urgency, nor this kind of social pressure. They choose to live freely, they can move when they want and where they want, and the housing price is much lower than in Communist China.

Real estate is the core of monetization. The ratio of the U.S. currency issuance to GDP growth is basically maintained at a little over 50%, which means that the value it creates each year corresponds to a 50% increase in currency, it is reasonable and controllable.

China’s currency issuance is multiple times higher than that of the United States, and China’s GDP is already exaggerated. Despite this, its currency issuance is nominally twice the amount of production, which leads to inflation, things have depreciated significantly, a very large part of which is in real estate.

We can see the skyrocketing housing prices in Communist China has led to more and more house slaves, many families hand over all of their wealth to buy a house, moreover they only have 70 years of property right. They can do nothing if the government wants to demolish it, their wealth could turn into dust in a moment. On the other hand, the destination of the currency issue has been determined, they recycle it while issuing, what is issued goes back to them. The government squeezes the hard-earned money of all the people.

Maybe you feel that you have more money in your pocket, but actually the currency is devalued, and the money goes into the lender as mortgage payments, and the house is something that is about to become worthless, this is how it works in Communist China.
If you look into it you will understand very well about many of its policies. It is constantly and implicitly stealing the wealth of the people, because your money is getting devalued.

For many years Xi Jinping has been spreading money out to other countries, with people’s hard-earned money that was dutifully handed over to the bank for paying off the mortgage. The money has turned into “The Belt and Road Initiative”, “2025, “2035” and other so-called national development plans, buying off the resources of world dignitaries.

This is the nature of CCP, people in Communist China are constantly being exploited, the money they hand over is then used to suppress the people, to infiltrate other countries, to mess up the whole world. CCP is trying to rule the world and to make the whole world into a Communist Party like. Therefore, the world must exterminate the Communist Party, just like Mr. Haidong Hao said that “the extermination of the Communist Party is a necessity of justice”.

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