06/16/2021 GTV UK Weekly Interview With Mr. Bannon

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GTV linkWeekly Interview with Mr. Bannon. 16th June, 2021.

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Over the past few weeks, Mr. Bannon was busy with ongoing situation in Georgia and Arizona regarding what happened on November 3rd 2020, and the great success of one-year commemoration of the New Federal State of China. The international community has called out the CCP for the investigation of the origin of the COVID pandemic. Whether COVID is accidental leakage or purposeful release, what the CCP did to spread the virus and cover up the truth is an act of war. There is no turning back for the CCP. To prevent their insanity from causing more damage, we need to expose their next moves and alarm people around the world. Here, Mr. Bannon shares with us his opinion about the following questions.

1. Mike: Mike Lindell filed a lawsuit against election fraud involved parties, including the CCP. Would this lawsuit accelerate the complete and total destruction of the Chinese Communist Party?

2. Winston: President Trump has called for reparation from the Communist Party of China. However, how can we ensure that the CCP is punished without burdening the ordinary Chinese people, who are the victims just as much as the people from the rest of the world?

3. Mike: The international community on G7 communique announced that the CCP must open the lab and abide by international rules. Meanwhile, CCP-led media countered with a satirical oil painting depicting the G7 meeting as “the last supper” of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Faced with such hostility from the CCP, will the G7 rise to the challenge and get to the bottom of this investigation?

4. Winston: Dr. Yan’s husband is in the US right now, and according to Dr. Yan, her husband has threatened to kill her and other key figures, including Mr. Bannon. Are the security agencies in the US taking this threat seriously?

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