Highlights of speeches delivered by Allies in the 1st Anniversary of the NFSC

Transcript & Compile:Thrive / Xiaohongmao
Proofread: Janyvo

 Mr. Steve Bannon

  • The New Federal State of China (NFSC) stands for a lot of things: democracy, freedom and freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.  But fundamentally, it stands for one simple thing, the total and complete destruction of the Chinese Communist Party.
  • All the people that are in leadership positions, they really focus on you (NFSC people) because they are nervous, the world’s elites are very nervous. They are nervous because the Chinese people have had enough of being deprived of their freedom. They cannot live according to their own will. The NFSC will bring Chinese people freedom.
  • The CCP is not a legitimate government of China or the Chinese people. It is a transnational criminal organization, that sole purpose in life is to oppress the Chinese people keep the Chinese people in slavery.  And by doing so, partner with the rest of the elites in the world, to keep down all working-class and middle-class people throughout the world.  And they’ve got partners in every government, they have partners in every university, and every cultural institution, and particularly in the financial institutions of the City of London.

Mr. Bill Gertz

  • The Jewish people have a saying “next year in Jerusalem”,  but the NFSC, I think that the statement should be next year in Beijing.
  • China’s researchers had uncovered 2000 new viruses, many of them from bats, which again the Coronavirus came from bats.
  • Now, I’ll sum up by saying that the threat posed by the CCP as no one in this room needs reminding is the most serious existential threat facing the United States. We have little power in this room, but we have the power of truth, we can tell the truth about the CCP.
  • Here was the top military intelligence officer, a three-star general telling me that China was not a threat.  And when I asked him why he thought that his answer was because the Chinese have told us that incredible, fast forward to a few years later, and it turns out that there was a Chinese spy operating within the Defense Intelligence Agency.

 Dr. Lawrence Sellin

  • It was not nature but the CCP that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Sellin explained that over the last year, he worked to find the origins of the CCP virus to expose the CCP’s bioweapon program and to identify those in the United States who may have contributed to the CCP’s evil plan.
  • I have been greatly assisted by young anti-CCP Chinese men and women accessing documents in the Chinese language.  It is these intelligent and dedicated young Chinese men and women who represent the future of a free and successful China.
  • The CCP virus was “released” by the CCP.  It is a part of an evil plan with evil intent.  Dr Sellin and his team had identified the structure and the organization of the CCP biological warfare program.  The program has three levels.
  • During World War II, Chinese and American soldiers fought side by side against an aggressive authoritarian power and together we achieved victory.   And again we are challenged by another aggressive authoritarian power, the CCP.  Now, like then, if we stand together we will prevail, we will never stop fighting the CCP until we are standing together in a free China.

General Michael Flynn 

  • We are in a major transition period in the history of the United States of America.  As long as I breathe, what I call the fresh air of liberty, the fresh air of freedom, as long as I breathe that fresh air, I am not going to allow this country to go the way of socialism, Marxism, or communism.”
  • The American Constitution is the foundation for America’s freedom and prosperity.
  • This community right here (NFSC) is so important. It is vital to our very life blood in this country.  So now who are your partners?  Who are your allies? You are looking at an ally, and this guy (pointing himself) will personally ally with you.
  • When you maximize your potential, you have to take risks. If you don’t take risks, you will achieve nothing, or you will just wander around aimlessly sometimes.  You must get into the arena, you must get into the ring, you have to get onto the field. You cannot achieve anything in life, unless you are willing to sacrifice. I mean sacrifice time and sacrifice your life in some cases.
  • You have got to step in, and you have got to create this bond of relationships for Chinese citizens around the world, and really come together to form this beautiful NFSC. It is that important. I will do whatever I need to do to protect and defend the US and anybody that wants to breathe the fresh air of liberty. God Bless America, and God bless the New Federal State of China.

 Ms. Natalie Winters (National Pulse’s journalist)

  • The CCP literally owns and controls the media production and cultural production of the United States of America, and someone needs to fight back.
  • Journalists from every single mainstream media outlet literally taking free trips from the Chinese government in exchange to give “favourable” coverage and disseminating positive messages about the CCP.
  • More and more American people are starting to wake up and realise that our mainstream media outlets don’t report the truth, but narratives and those narratives are made by the CCP.
  • The CCP wants to see America fall.  We need to get the CCP out of American society.

Mr. Mike Lindell

  • The CCP has waged war not only against the United States, but against all peace-loving people of the world.
  • The alliance of at least seven countries has converged on the United States. This is an unprecedented all-around strike by the CCP.
  • He was on hand to show the people how the CCP used cyber-attacks, with evidence of voting machine cheating, which will change the course of history.
  • If the evidence is presented to the High Court, it will definitely be a 9-0 vote.

Mr. Raheem Kassam

  • The NFSC is the hero, the champion. You will free the communist China, and help us to free the western world from the tyranny we are experiencing now.
  • The CCP is morally bankrupt.  President Trump said we want $10 trillion in reparation from the CCP, and if it is morally bankrupt, it should be financially bankrupt as well.
  • (On the topic of) the manipulative rhetoric of the mainstream media – please stop # stop Asian-hate, stop (accusations of) white supremacy, and stop attacking Asians in the streets.  This resentment against Asians predominantly comes from the CCP.  The CCP persecutes their own people because they tell the truth. Why do the media hate Asians? Keep your eyes on the CCP and fight against this tyranny.  We are breaking the truth every day. 
  • The hate speech we hear about Asians, and the racism (toward) them, comes precisely from the great foreign propaganda of the CCP.  The idea that viruses come from a bowl of bat soup, which is an absolutely racist statement, and the single greatest cover up.
  • The CCP is deeply involved in the media, politics, and academic institutions, and we will never stop exposing them.

Mr. Rudy Giuliani

  • This is a very special place for me. I don’t like to come here because it brings back too many memories. 
    If you cannot identify your enemy correctly, you can’t defeat them.
  • We have to be able to say the word – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)! We have to rid ourselves of the illusions that have been created based on the history which opened up to China.
  • It took us a year to recognize it was the CCP that spread the virus, it wasn’t some wet markets that don’t sell bats. There’s only one place with bats in Wuhan – in the laboratory!!  And it was covered up because the CCP has an unbelievably strong network of Americans who sometimes without knowing or sometimes deliberately and usually for money, work with them and protect them, and cover up for them, and some of them are in high office.
  • We’ve got to stand up to them, to point it out, and if they want to censor them, we tell them to go to hell because that’s where they belong!

Mr. Peter Navarro

  • Praised two men: a Chinese and an American.  Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of NFSC, thank Miles for everything he does for China and the Chinese people; Mr. Steve Bannon, all he cares about is the mission and the American people, and he has done a great job supporting both America and helping Miles Guo to take down the CCP.
  • Damn two men: one Chinese and one American.   Xi Jinping, the dictator of China who hid the truth of the virus from the world behind the shield of WHO, deliberately spreading it to the world;Fauci, with the blood of the Chinese and the people of the world on his hands.
  • Miles Guo is the spark that started the prairie fire of the NFSC.  Xi Jinping created the pandemic that will be the other spark that united this fire that takes down the CCP.   

 Mr. Jack Posobiec

  • The American people know about the 2020 Xinjiang massacre. The Chinese people should also know the truth about June 4th, 1989.  The people of the world should know the truth about the CCP virus.
  • The CCP lies to the world. The people of the world need answers.
  • The Chinese people are not for sale. The people of the world are not for sale.
  • I love you all dearly.  Long live freedom! Take Down the CCP!
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