[Commentary] The Real Enemy is the Chinese Communist Party, not the Chinese People (2)

Author: MOS Educational Group Maverick

The Chinese Communist Party was established in 1921, by Li, Da-zhao and Chen, Du-xiu, supported and funded by the Soviet Union and Communist International under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin. 

Ever since the establishment of the CCP, it has been waiting for a chance to subvert the legitimate Nationalist government and instigate internal chaos, particularly aiming to create an atmosphere of opposition and distrust between the Nationalist government and ordinary Chinese citizens. The perfect time arrived when the Japanese invaded China.

Between 1936-1945, the CCP, under the leadership of Mao, Ze-dong, carried out the “721” plan, which the CCP nowadays claims to be a rumor. The “721” plan stands for 70% focus on growth, spreading its propaganda and gaining trust of the ordinary citizens, 20% dealing with the Nationalist government, and 10% against the Japanese. There isn’t solid or physical evidence of collusion between the Japanese and the CCP, but judging with the “inertial routine” and record of the CCP, this makes logical sense, as they needed a hand to overthrow the Nationalist government due to their insufficient manpower. Indeed, the Nationalist government was rife with corruption and problems causing many ordinary Chinese citizens to believe in the lies spread by the CCP, that the CCP would bring a better life and more equality to China. During this period, the CCP worked with the Japanese, selling intelligence of the Nationalist Forces to them, and sometimes, it worked with the Nationalist Forces to fight against the Japanese, depending on which side would be in a more favourable situation.

After Japan’s defeat in 1945, the conflict between the Nationalist Government and the CCP immediately surfaced since a common enemy had disappeared, and a 4-year long civil war started, further devastating an already seriously-ruined China, also costing millions of innocent lives.

Many would wonder, how can the CCP, eventually win the civil war? After all, they are in a less optimal position in terms of manpower, equipment, technology and territory controlled, compared to that of the Nationalist government.

In my opinion, one of the most important factors is the “prep work” they did during the Japanese invasion of China. This included focusing on spreading propaganda, as well as taking control of local villages and towns. This tactic was known as “Encircle Cities with Rural Areas”, which aims to take over the big cities after the forces in the rural areas are strong enough.

The foreign support the CCP had received, was also a crucial factor for their victory. The biggest source of support of the CCP came from the Soviet Union, many of which provided them with advisers, military training and equipment, most of which came from surrendered Japanese forces in Northeast China. On the contrary, the Nationalist government did not acquire much support from the United States and the Western world. The reason for this remains controversial. One of the factors could be that are that Chiang Kai-shek was viewed as an incompatible dictator and they were not willing to waste more resources by sending help to him.

The victorious CCP declared the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, and the Nationalist Chinese government retreated to Taiwan has remained for the past 80 years, existing as a continuation of Nationalist China. This marked the biggest disaster for the Chinese people and Chinese traditional culture in history.

Big and small-scale political movements have never stopped since the establishment of the PRC, notable ones including the Land Reform, the Three Anti and Five Anti Campaign, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. The consequences of these movements were millions of deaths caused by famine, homicide and persecution, many of them being intellectuals and professionals. This had caused extreme disruption in the development of intelligentsia in China. Stated below are some of those political reforms and the impact that they have had.

The disappearance of landlords from the Land Reform Movement caused destructive harm to mainland China’s ecosystem, because those people possessed the knowledge that was passed to them from their ancestors on how to utilize the land properly and have a peaceful relationship with nature. Now that they are gone, along with the brutal exploitation by the CCP towards land and natural resources, caused desertification of many areas of usable and cultivable farmlands, since the 1950s.

The Great Leap Forward aimed to largely boost the Industrial capacity of the PRC, and surpass Great Britain and catch up with the United States in terms of Metallurgy Production. All ordinary households had to submit all items made of metal, and a large population were forced to work in the factories that produced metals, causing serious labour shortage in the agricultural sector and leading to a sharp decline in food production. Since the CCP did not have any capable intellectuals in the fields of Industrial production (even they did, they would have been killed as being viewed as “Bourgeoise”), This Movement achieved literally nothing and costed tens of millions lives due to famine and political persecution.

One decade of Cultural Revolution brought in nothing but the complete destruction of traditional Chinese culture, both in tangible and intangible form. The majority of the religious centers that represented traditional cultures and values were destroyed. The Red Guards were hired specifically for this purpose, as well as to persecute those who had different views than that of the central CCP government. People were encouraged to report to the government if anyone they know, even their own family members, held different opinions than the central government. Red Guards were usually formed by young people that were in secondary school and universities. The Cultural Revolution is a vacuum in the belief system, resulting in the drastic decline in morality of the ordinary Chinese people. Since the last struggle of the Chinese people fighting for democracy in Tiananmen Square, worshipping money, materials, status and power will be adopted by most ordinary citizens, and it is encouraged by the government and the general society to use all types of means without bottom lines in order to acquire what you want. The Cultural Revolution was also a direct cause in the decline in Chinese’s personal conducts, resulting in them being seen as “uncivilized” people and not welcomed by many part of the world.

After the death of Mao Ze-dong in 1976, the CCP decided that it needs to merge itself with the world, and thus the Economic Reform was created and carried out starting from 1979. The initial pace of the Reform was slow as the CCP leaders remained relatively conservative about allowing foreign capitals and influence in China, thus they first opened a few coastal cities as a testing point. When Jiang Zemin became the President in 1989, he sped up the economic reform by encouraging many foreign companies to invest in China, and made China join the World Trade Organization in 2001. His reign resulted in unprecedented growth in the economy since the establishment of the PRC. The hard-working Chinese labor provided many products to the Western world. Gradually, the life of the Western people depended more and more on the Chinese market while the slave labor working for those companies (as well as many new Chinese companies) only received very little wages.

As Communist China became richer and more influential in the World, it also carried out its world domination plan discreetly. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, The CCP took over the role of the “Big Brother”, as the leader of the Communist International. They never gave up their goal of global domination, but they changed their methods of accomplishing their goals.

In 1999, two colonels of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) published a book Unrestricted Warfare, which was used as a crucial guideline for the PLA. It speaks about how a technologically inferior country can defeat a technologically superior opponent through a variety of means, instead of focusing on direct military confrontation. Such methods include: Lawfare(Legal Warfare), economic warfare, information warfare (propaganda), network warfare, and terrorism. The book was recommended by the US army as a teaching material. They probably would never imagine that what is written in the book is actually being utilized in attacking the United States from within. In the following, I discuss about some of the unrestricted warfare tactics that they use against the West.

Precis: Unrestricted Warfare

The “Military-Civilians Integration Plan”, is something the Western world could not imitate. This plan can be embodied in multiple aspects, such as building military bases and laboratories (e.g Wuhan P4 lab) in civilian areas in mainland China, or sending exchange students or military personnel masquerading as civilians to various industries overseas as agents to steal information and technologies for military purposes from Western universities or organizations, all for the benefit of CCP-owned companies. A good example of this would be looking back how Huawei suddenly developed into an international technological giant.

Confucius Institutions were established in many Western Countries in disguise as an organization educating Western students about traditional Chinese culture, but in reality aim to spread radical leftist ideas and communist ideologies by sugar coating them to the local youngsters, making them hold the CCP government and Communist China in a positive regard.

The BGY plan (blue=propaganda, gold=money, yellow=honey trap), was finally revealed in 2017 as a highly-efficient blackmailing tactic. It has successfully compromised many important high ranking officials and very influential businessmen over the years.

The recent global pandemic of Covid-19 has utterly exposed how deep the CCP’s influence in the West is, proving that the CCP is endangering the safety of all humanity.

The CCP’s BGY plan compromised many scientists, politicians and important organizations (such as the World Health Organization with the case of the pandemic). There was no voice in the entire world that questioned the origin of the coronavirus since the pandemic started, and even if there was, they would be attacked for being “racist”. For instance, when President Donald Trump said this virus came from China, he was accused of being “racist”, and his administration’s handling of the pandemic became politicized. Whatever he said or wanted to do, he faced opposition from the left, as well as from his own Republicans/Conservatives. Besides that, it is very unusual that all of academia and the media had determined the virus came from nature since the very beginning, without giving the public solid evidence. The dark side of everything was finally starting to unveil recently, and it should be enough to make citizens of the West start to question and confront their own government about the truth of this pandemic.

 The leaked email of Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of American NIH, exposed that he had been actively suppressing the use of Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has been proven to be highly effective against the coronavirus. He has been insisting that the coronavirus is of natural-origin, and dismissed the idea of a lab leak as a conspiracy theory. Furthermore, Fauci is also revealed to have been funding the Chinese lab on gain of function research on coronaviruses through an organization known as Ecohealth. Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the WHO, has also had a similar stance with Fauci about the origin of the virus, and was against any type of investigation against Communist China, until recently. The overwhelming evidence that this virus came from a military lab in China controlled by the PLA, has eventually caused those people to change their attitude, as they suddenly denied or quibbled about what they have said about the origin of the virus years ago.

[Headlines News] The Biggest Killer of the 21st Century: The Fauci Cabal!

Over the year since the pandemic started, mainstream media in the West, especially those which are left-leaning, such as CNN, BBC, CNBC and the CCP’s overseas propaganda machine, Global Times, have been deliberately diverting the attention of the public by providing chaotic and biased information, luring people into meaningless discussions that did not help anything but worsen the situation, such as discussions on wearing masks, implementing lockdowns, and finding a target blame for the current situation. After a year of investigation (it is better to say, supressing the truth) and thanks to those who bravely exposed the truth, now the whole world has reached a consensus about the virus originating from a lab – specifically, from a military lab in Communist China. The media suddenly turned tide towards this direction, while one-sidedly talking about the positive impacts of vaccination.

At this point, the evil of the CCP has been completely exposed in front of the world, despite all the lies and propaganda they tried very hard to spread. The image they built, as a positive, well-intended rising power that is trying to help other developing countries, is now almost completely ruined.

The entire world is gradually waking up. Some conscientious and influential elites in the West, starting with Mr. Steve Bannon, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Mr. Bill Gertz, and Mr. Peter Navarro, have made clear that the Chinese Communist Party does not equal to and does not represent the Chinese people, and it needs to be overthrown. Recently, more and more voices have started to question the responsibility of the CCP, Communist China’s role in this pandemic, as well as those elites in the West who colluded with them. This is a sign of big progress, where people in the West have finally realized the evil agenda of the CCP, even though it can provide enormous, hard to resist benefits to the West. But everything comes with a cost, and the cost of receiving these benefits from the CCP would be unaffordable for the people in the West. Their most precious thing, Freedom, will be taken away.

It is still not too late, let all of us make an effort to take down the CCP, free the 1.4 billion Chinese people from their physical and mental prison, and let them assimilate into a world that embraces universal values. This can only bring positive impacts for the entirety of humankind if the Chinese people can merge themselves into this Global Village. Everyone can play a part in this, starting from not buying things that are made in China, or doing business with them if possible.

Further, if one possesses enough biomedical knowledge or understanding, they can help spread the truth about the pandemic and the vaccine, and understand how Hydroxychloroquine works against the coronavirus, and thus why Hydroxychloroquine is being suppressed. Spread the truth to those around you, under the circumstances that you are safe in doing so, as you may be able to save a life.

Dr. Zelenko – Facts You Should Know About Other Than the Vaccine

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