Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on June 14th, 2021


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  1. Have a Peaceful and Healthy Dragon Boat Festival! Today I ate the Zongzi (traditional Chinese rice-pudding) hand-made by my wife which I rarely eat. Last week so many big things happened, and especially important is the domestic situation is changing too fast, the international situation, the recent European changes too fast! Last week I was very busy and have irregular work and rest, ate a lot of and gained 3 kg.  Fellow Fighters in mainland China contacted with me more about the next six months of strategic deployment are in place, which is closely related to our Whistleblower Movement to exterminate the China Communist Party.
  2. Without the contribution of those nameless Fellow Fighters is impossible to get to today. The CCP thought that we had failed, and they had won, so they smear us, and as a result, many officials have been arrested in the past few days; Sun Hong, who was the hardest on my staff, was also arrested, and thousands of people may be arrested in Henan. They think Yuda Palace Hotel is a piece of fat meat and can do whatever they want. The so-called Task Force is dedicated to the leadership of the organization, the Public Security Bureau in the past few years have arrested several officials, the abuse of Ma Yun is the greatest joy of the Task Force, insulting Ma Yun, let Ma Yun tell the experience of playing with women and use drugs, Ma Yun’s wife and child have cancer as well. That kind of anti-rich mentality, how bullish you used to be, how miserable you will be after being caught, very exaggerated is Ma Yun really slept with Yang Lan; once Sun Lijun and Jiang Zhicheng came forward, hoping Ma Yun would invest in Wu Zheng. Ma Yun slept with his wife Yang Lan before he invested Wu Zheng.
  3. What surprised me was that Han Zheng and Jiang Mianheng were protecting Wu Zheng. Han Zheng is a typical politician, his bastard children in Australia are protected, but also able to join the Standing Committee ,here are three reasons: first, Wu Zheng is an American, appropriate as an overseas liasion; second, in the economy and intelligence sector, still need him to continue to work under controlled circumstances; third, Wu Zheng still has influence in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, let Wu Zheng redeem himself, so keep Wu Zheng safe. But this is not the truth, Wu Zheng and Yang Lan are agents of Han’s assets in Australia. The CCP plans to have Han as prime minister next year, with Li Zhanshu and Zhao Leji stepping down, Li Qiang in charge of the CCDI, and Wang Yang already deposed. In fact, Wu Zheng has so much information about Han Zheng’s genetic map, Wu Zheng’s son and brother are in New York, and he is afraid that Wu Zheng will be arrested and reveal him.
  4. Himalaya Farm leader cannot work part-time, must be full-time, otherwise they are not allowed to join the Iron Blood Group and become a leader. We all have subsidies ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 or 10,000. Piao Changhai ate instant noodles for a year, and Ha En had to work part-time at night, which made me so uncomfortable. As long as I have food to eat, none of us can treat our Fighters poorly. I am to change the Chinese people’s way of life and way of thinking, to take down the CCP, and to give all our Fellow Fighters a decent life. All these years I never owed my employees their wages, and the Task Force said that during the trial, none of our employees backed down, none of them betrayed. Communists in Zhongnanhai eat placenta, a bottle of wine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Laobaixing’s life is miserable, so it must be destroyed, Whistleblower Movement cannot leave our Fighters in distress. There is no absolute fairness, equality, justice, to be obtained by your efforts only, like Ha En, Piao Changhai, Mulan they did it. There are some Farm Leaders who appeal for volunteers every day, but ask themselves what have done first, which are ill-intentioned.   we will not forget VOG’s volunteers, but do not be outrage, a Fighter sent me so many messages, I cannot reply. A Bing, Masha and others have done a lot of things, it is normal to appeal for volunteers, some people do not do anything just appeal, this will not work. What is our Alliance Committee doing? Why is it that only Ha En and Piao Changhai are being complain, but no one tells me how they are living? We must treat our Fighters like family.  No matter what character you are, no one owes anyone anything, and there must be a minimum of justice and fairness among Fighters. Some of the messages of concern should not be sent, I do not have time to read them, and I do not even speak to my wife a few times a day.  There are some things I can’t judge by text message, if I do this every day, how can I have time to fight with the CCP?
  5. GTV will be primarily live broadcast, Gettr is independently operated, will be launched immediately, Getome is only a transition. Han Zheng, Ding Xuexiang, Zhao Leji, Guo Shengkun came to power which are controlled by Jiang and Zeng, Wang Qishan is finished, I heard that Xu Qiliang will step down. The CCP is very strange, the “key party” are surviving very well, the ancient Chinese literature is all about the authorities’ matters, no one talks about the common people, talking about men and women accounts for much of it.  China’s cultural background has forged today’s laughing at the poor but not at the prostitutes, and now the Communist Party wants Yang Lan to find the key. Wu Zheng went so far as to tell Bannon that Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan were looking for him and his wife to ” get some therapy”.Yang Lan wins the world with sex relations in the Communist Party’s society. The TCP Group of Thailand is a shareholder of Ping An and a shareholder of Pfizer, and one of the biggest beneficiaries of the vaccine. Zhou Laizheng was in charge of all the airline’s finances, Zhou Laizheng and Zhang Shaochun were arrested after confessing a lot of corruption information, the file was surprisingly deleted, how powerful Wu Zheng is! Recently, I talked to many of our Fellow Fighters in the Task Force, and I thought I knew a lot, but in fact it was even darker than I thought. The CCA’s Zhou Laizheng had multiple relationships with Yang Lan, once Zhang Shaochun and Zhou Laizheng had dinner with Wu Zheng and Yang Lan, after a few minutes Wu Zheng disappeared and played threesomes, then Wu Zheng came back. Zhang Shaochun and Zhou Laizheng were arrested, confessed Wu Zheng and Yang Lan. The file was actually deleted after the CDC investigation. I was shocked! Yang Lan is the “biggest Mommy” in the world! Yang Lan introduced girls to CCP officials who are famous now! Trump’s birthday is not important, the New Federal State of China is more important!
  6. Talking about the damage to the China Communist Party, Yang Lan is somehow our good sister, looking for “the key” once or twice a day, Yang Lan and Wu Zheng are sexually open and free. Kylie sings a really good song.  Getter will be launched. The Zeng family’s Zhengda Group is a shareholder of Sinovac vaccine. Our Fighters just had a meeting with President Trump.  Responsible for add-on Loan Program is Ru Shui, Da Wenzhu, Jinguo Xiaomei. The second leader of Japan Sakura Himalaya is Yongqi.
  7. I really like this frosted surface hat. GFashion’s pricing is not low, it is too low, but if the price is too high, our Fellow Fighters cannot affordable, we want the best quality with the lowest price. In a few days, we will talk about the nuclear power plant.  something big will happen, and on July 17 we will understand. “Gossip Australia” is a very good show, a good example for us to learn from, not to boast about ourselves, but to be pragmatic in Whistleblower Movement, not to make those unrealistic. All the costs of Gfashion are public, tens of millions of dollars have been spent and lost a lot, after that there will be big mergers and acquisitions. we’re going to have a new collection in the next two months, but I’m having trouble with the materials.I want to use 15% of silk and 85% of cotton, our product pricing is three times the raw materials if only to preserve capital, those luxe brands are generally 15 to 20 times, but this is a necessary process, it is  important strategic. our Fellow Fighters need to use their wisdom and well use the Himalaya Dollar accounts. There will be great news about the Gclub membership. For those who have not received the Confidentiality Agreement, please contact the Farms as soon as possible.
  8. The torchlight is the torch of hope that lights up humanity, the Olympic spirit, sunlight, fire, water and salt are the fundamentals of all life. The sunlight is what drives away evil and darkness and illuminates the direction of mankind, so Lady Liberty holds a torch. Democracy, the rule of law, the beacon of freedom to illuminate the darkness, the T in the Getter’s logo is a symbol of freedom, Gettr is the only towards human being in the darkness to freedom, the torch that will never be extinguished, the fire of hope, the fire of freedom, the fire of the law, the natural curve of the logo is the most beautiful, all human totems are the circle of heaven and the square earth .
  9. Since April 17th., Roy made the synchronized subtitle translation software, completed a very beautiful job, he is very humble, well-educated, the young man has a prosperous future. Getter will shock the world, we’ll see! Use OBS to connect Youtube, or Instagram while live broadcasting on GTV, don’t be selfish, our goal is to take down the CCP. Only Trump in Gettr won’t work, I want something bigger than that. If I planned to do something that everyone could guess, it would be worthless. The Guangzhou pandemic is still quite serious.
  10. The news about nuclear power plants, G7, etc. are not important, the key is to destroy the Communist Party, the most critical is the CCP Virus, is definitely their Pandora’s box, to destroy the CCP by the truth of COVID-19, we have achieved, there is no beauty and evil, the surplus is a disaster. Now is to go through the national procedures, or the competition between countries, is just a strike, or decoupling, or multiple collusion, we should not think we are great to get involved again. Do good things before thinking about the return, it must be a disaster. We, Whistleblower Movement do not do such a thing. So many people died around the world, not only we are anxious, our greatness and goodness do not need to prove and recognize, our strength and wisdom do not need anyone to recognize.
  11. It is impossible for the CCP to go back to four years ago. The decline of Hong Kong, the massacres in Xinjiang and Tibet are facts that no one can conceal. Can China’s economy get better? It’s just a matter of the extent of the disaster! We have to strengthen our G-series and help more compatriots; After the destruction of the China Communist Party, I will only with our Fellow Fighters, living in seclusive mountain, then we could be crying or laughing, joking or entertaining.

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Thank you Miles for all you do and your keeping the communications OPEN AND FULL — IT MEANS A LOT TO TRUTH LOVERS…


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