Crude Is the CCP

Author: Peddington

A grace old lady, my Dutch neighbour gave me some of Chinese antique furniture, one is an ornament box of good appearance that supposed to be brought from Indonesia in 1949.

It is impossible to see any similar one in China  today as most of it have been buried by series of political movements, those essence of Chinese culture could be seen only in out of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) regime. Acutely awareness is my life and I have never found similar furniture in China. This remind me that the CCP was born with gene of harmony hatred. All along what all medias omnipresent tell are neither beauty nor harmony but crude.

After decades of conquering China, the CCP has depersonalized all Chinese elites and destroyed all physical existence that show essence of culture. Thanks for good Dutch lifestyle and some anonymous who brought it from China to Indonesia. So as we can enjoy Chinese tradition through this small box.

As there has been the fire to burn essence of Chinese tradition since 1949 and never extinguished. Immersing in CCP venom for generations, most Chinese have lost the exquisiteness, simultaneously, crude mob were the bottom layer of CCP pyramid.

The propaganda of crude lifestyle is unique of the CCP, you will notice this contrast when you see the dressing of Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam,  Kim Il Sung of North Korea and Tito of Yugoslav, always they show neat clothes on public. Look back China, all paradigms of the CCP, none has even a common sense on dressing, drinking. When there is frowziness on public for totalitarian, more cruel behind medias. That’s why there was Tiananmen massacre in 1989. The CCP lifestyle is lowest while its brutality is maximum.

Below are some examples of CCP’s destruction against civilization:

Emperor Mausoleum that have been completely destroyed are 10,

Tomb of Prime Minister and famous General that have been completely destroyed are 20.

The list that CCP destruction in China are too long to write down here, you can refer:

List of precious cultural relics destroyed during the “Cultural Revolution”:

In normal TV screen, movie, elegant is ridiculed always, heroes in a movie drink with bowl as if they hate wineglass as much as possible. When they drink wine with bowl, no doubt there would be half leak into his neck from chin,…..crude are hero’s theme forever.

Chen Yi, Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs
A typical image of Red Guard in countryside

Look back to 12 years ago in Paris, in February of 2009, Christie’s offered at auction two 18th-century bronze fountainheads – a rabbit and a rat – owned by the estate of Yves Saint Laurent. Soon there was breach of contract after bidding by Mingchao Cai from Quanzhou City, China, who offered Euro 31,49 million and later incited a short discussion of  “Boxer Rebellion” style , that hints the CCP is the most reliable guardian of Chinese heritage.

Rabbit head at Christie’s sale  – Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

We have to know who destroy China culture before to rebuild it. Although the CCP sometimes declaim the Culture Revolution is tragedy, but none confessed, none was in charged, otherwise we will return to Barbaric age or even worse like passengers in “ship of fools” by Hieronymus Bosch.

(Disclaimer: This article is the personal opinion of the author.)

Proofreading / Post: Ana

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