A Total Confrontation Looms between the Communism China and the Western Indicated by the Communique after the G7 Summit in 2021

By Lucas 2021-06-14

Image source: Sky News

The three-day G7 summit in England ended on June 13, and then released its communique in which the G7 leaders criticized Chinese government’s abuses against minorities in the Xinjiang region and suppression over the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. It re-emphasized transparency and accountability, in fully implementing and complying with the International Health Regulations 2005, including the investigation, report and response to outbreaks of unknown origin; it also called for a timely, transparent, expert-led, and science based WHO-convened Phase 2 CCP Virus (COVID-19) Origins Study in China. In the aspect of the regional politics of the Asian-Pacific ocean areas, the G7 leaders reiterated the importance of maintaining a free and open Indo Pacific, based on the rule of law; and underscored the importance of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and encouraged the peaceful resolution of cross-Strait issues. G7 leaders were seriously concerned about the situation in the East and South China Seas and strongly opposed against any unilateral attempts to change the status quo and increasing local tensions.

Obviously the communique indicated that the G7 nations consider Communism China as a competitor, even an imaginary enemy. All the G7 leaders agreed that Communism China was becoming more and more aggressive and a real threat for the free world. There has been no strong response so far from Chinese official media to the G7’s rarely consistent stance against China. Only the Chinese embassy in the UK responded angrily on June 14 to accuse the G7 leaders that G7 engaged in political manipulation and interfere in China’s internal affairs, based on lies and rumors. In its response to the G7’s call for a new investigation in China of the origins of CCP virus (Covid-19) , the Chinese embassy emphasized that the investigation work should be done in a “scientific, objective and fair manner” rather than politicized without agreeing to a new probe. The Chinese Communism Party maintains a low profile but not to refute back because it contracts its aggressive strategies and doesn’t want to act as war-wolf any more against the G7, whose statement is based on facts. However, in the viewpoint of Xi Jinping, the president of CCP, he believes China is now the world’s second-largest power; Xi has no intention of reducing the level of confrontation with the United States. On June 10, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee rushed to vote on the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Act, trying to use “legal weapons” to counter Western sanctions, especially the U.S. “long-arm jurisdiction”, thus providing legal legitimacy for Communism China’s actions. The hasty introduction reflects the law’s special “mission” – most likely to unleash a deterrent effect ahead of the G7 meeting. The law provides legal legitimacy for Communism China to take actions by using all available means and tools to resist U.S. and Western sieges of China. It is even clear that Xi does not intend to lower the tone of confrontation. While the deterrent to the United States and the West has been strengthened by the law, there is no doubt that it will provoke hostility from the West, especially the American hawks of the US, to use more power and resources to confront China.

The current epidemic is still raging around the globe, and threating every aspects of the life safety of all people across the world. It is a must for us all to get a conclusive answer where the CCP virus originated, which will push the Western governments to force CCP to open all of its biological laboratories for the investigations by the group of international medical experts. If CCP agrees that, the truth of CCP virus will be exposed to the world very soon and CCP will die even sooner; if CCP refuses that, it may die immediately under the strike of the Western allied forces. Given that Xi still controls Communism China and what he has done since his reign in 2012, we may expect in near future an intense confrontation between the Communism China and the Western.

(Disclaimer: This article is the personal opinion of the author.)

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