[Lude Immediate Brief] Jun 13, 2021, Evening:G7 Calls for Peace across the Taiwan Strait

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(Lude Media Summary
Jun 13, 2021, Evening, Lu, Bo, & Ai)

G7 Joint Statement

1. Dr. Bo: China’s air force is practicing how to fly the 7.1 and 100 formations for the July 1 celebration. It has absolutely nothing to do with fighting a war.

2. G7 calls for peace across the Taiwan Strait and investigation into COVID-19 origins in a joint statement. This is the first time in 36 years that G7 has mentioned Taiwan.

a. Biden says democracy is under the threat of totalitarianism and the world must enter the lab to investigate the origins of COVID-19. This is the first time Biden has mentioned the investigation of COVID-19. Lude: The ultimatum is coming soon. All labs should be open for investigation.

b. The CCP says a small group must not rule the world.

c. Lude: The New Atlantic Charter discussed how to improve the international order in the post-CCP era. In the future, totalitarianism is not allowed and only democratic countries can join the international community.

  1. Dr. Sellin tweets about Special Forces Airborne. He says that someone is threatening a former Green Beret.

a. Dr. Bo: Colonel is the highest rank in frontline operations.

b. Lude: There’s big fish behind Dr. Yan’s ex-husband.

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