【G Times】G7, Hu Xijin, Polygamy……

Author and Picture designer: Giselle; Translator: Una

1. Hu Xijin said that China would “drive the United States crazy”, they learnt from China to engage in domestic infrastructure investment plans, and now they want to unite their allies to develop the G7 version of the “Belt and Road”. Unexpectedly, China is developing at its own pace, yet it has affected the United States so deeply. Even CNN said, “China may not be a member of the G7, but it’s dominating the agenda”.

——Who is driving whom crazy exactly? It is not the United States that is locked down by the aircraft carriers and is sieged collectively! Hu Xijin is really incoherently!

The “domestic infrastructure investment plan” is not a patent. Only you, the CCP, can do it?

You can’t even produce engines and chips, and you will definitely die if you don’t steal or snatch them as a gangster. How is that possible that you can be a member of the G7?

2. HuanShiRuiPing published an article on June 12 and said that: “Taiwan independence” should not be excited by the US military’s words “has the ability to defend Taiwan”…

——Whether Taiwan is excited or not has nothing to do with you, Hu Xijin.

If Taiwan is really excited, it is only because it finally comes to the day that the CCP was destructed.

3. Why the CCP’s universities regard foreign students as “the first-class people”? They are not only have higher scholarships, but also have “study companions”, special dining hall, and free international round air tickets…

——Because of the superiority of socialism, these international students need to speak it out!

As the saying goes “A single spark can start a big fire”. Which camp they will support after being divided into different grades of power and being seduced by money as well as sex? There is a high probability that they will not be in the democratic camp.

Most people will become addictive to power as long as they have enjoyed privileges for seven days.

4. The Financial Truth: one associate professor in the East China University of Political Science and Law suggested that   as a reasonable contribution to the policy of three children, college teachers should initiate the “multi-spouse system” and support the love between teachers and students!

Why do CCP’s universities always have such strange things?

——Can we still count on the universities of the Communist Party of China, are they not weird?

Their logic is roughly: since 5% of people can dominate 95% of the wealth, why can’t these 5% of people “mate” the 95% women?

I just don’t know, does this associate professor belong to the 5% or the 95%?

5. What do you think of “no-self”?

——The definition of “no-self” does not mean that there is no self at all, but it means that there is a great love, great compassion and great wisdom in the heart…

As a physical mortal, “I” have to eat too…

If the ordinary people can achieve the realm of “I am altruistic”, the world is already very beautiful.

At the very least, there must be an altruistic heart. From “I am altruistic” to “self less and altruistic”, and finally to “unselfish and altruistic”.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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