【Lude】The U.S. Senate Passed a Bill to Technology Decouple with China

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Lude Highlights2021.6.8 PMThe U.S. Senate Passed a Bill to Technology Decouple with China


That means if you are a professor and doing research, you can no longer go to China. You cannot help any company or university of CCP to make any perks. You cannot moonlight in China. A lot of the professors we dogged up recently. They are professor in the US but also keep a position in China. They got paid with thousands of dollars a month and sharing a lot of the fruits of research with China. When you come down to them, they complain about too little paid from the US side. There was no legal requirement not to accept money from the CCP side. Once the bill getting passed, these professors have to make a choice. Do you want money from the US or China side? Now it’s passed by the congress, if this is going to pass from the house.

You have to make a choice, if you kept getting paid from China, then you will lose your job from the US. As an American, you can be a professor in China. That is no problem. But you should not be on both side. Eventually, they stole all the fruits of research. This is a core issue. They are going to confront CCP from all dimensions, why is that? Just like we told you before, now we are transition from anti-terrorism to anti-CCP from power, military, diplomats, politics, economy, innovation, even culture. We are going to confront CCP from everywhere and every dimension.

All the cyber army, propaganda, and strategies competition. What is included here? Just like we told you, this is a bill targeting CCP. This is changing from the previous anti-terrorist intelligence system, all the journalists, and news medias. A series of countries, such as the US, there were propagandas during War World II. Right, then it also includes culture stuff. All this used to be focus on middle east. And Islamic world, you can get money if you would apply for a project on that topic. This bill basically turned everything around with a lot of money. Billions of dollars for you to apply, right, turning all angles to target the CCP.

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