New Getome, Getome-Pay Will Be the Global Leader

Author: Clio | PR: Angela

Miles Guo latest revelation on 12/6 2021

The biggest value of Getome in the future does not lie in advertising. It will be the only social media platform in the world that uses new code technology. A secret working group will surprise you. New Getome’s biggest value in the future is Getome-Pay, which will link to Himalaya reserve globally.

Miles Guo calculated for everyone. “If 10 million people sign up for Getome-Pay, half of them use Getome-Pay. Assume one person only spends 100 US dollars per year, it is 1 billion US dollars! If 100 million people sign up for Getome, it will be 10 billion! This is calculated based on conservative assumption. Anyone who pays with this card will definitely spend more than 300~500 dollars a year. Our goal is reach 2 billion registered users of Getome. 2 billion users are significant. We can achieve this goal without to betray media operating principles and our users.

Getome will be connected with G-TV, while Getome’s most important function is the live broadcast. Miles Guo communicated privately to more than 100 world-class celebrities. And he said: “You used the so-called Twitter to change the world. Now you must use live broadcast.” Miles Guo is the person who qualified in telling the power of live broadcast. The feeling of live broadcast is totally different from posting on Twitter. Using live broadcast to tell your own story and the truth is powerful, and you would be the winner forever.

Therefore, Getome’s live streaming data must be connected to G-TV. All the content of G-TV can be shared to G-News immediately. After G-News, it will be used by the Himalaya reserve.

We will encourage everyone to join G-Club, to develop more people to be the G-Club members. G-Club is followed by G-Fashion, while G-Fashion is followed by G-Mall, and G-Mall is all-encompassing. He said: “Don’t underestimate G-Club, once its functions are expanded online and offline, it will be very powerful.”

During the raging period of the pandemic, the world’s largest wealth growth is LV Group, M&H, Rag&Bone, their wealth increased, and even became the first of the world. The main reason for the growth is not only fashion, but diversification, that is why they grow up all very fast.

Miles Guo claimed that after July 4th and July 17th, we will understand that there is a lot of good news coming regarding G series. Please cherish every share of your GTV stocks!

The future of G series and Getome-pay will span the world. Several large banks that can never fail are the supporters of the G series. Blockchain payment technology and all legal structures are supporting G Series as well. As the G series is spanning the world, no one country has the power to dominate it. The system is perfect. Ali-pay is just a payment platform, but our Himalaya dollar is directly linked to the U.S. dollar, and there will be Japanese yen and other currencies in the future. 20% of Himalaya Coin virtual currency is linked to gold, and the G series has its own reserve system which is Himalaya Reserve.

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