[Words From Miles] | Posters serial (88)

A gentleman must not only talk but also need action, act faster than evil. This is the only way there will be no Satan in this world.

—— Miles Guo March 5, 2020

Please remember fellow fighters, never ever, you just want to be master if you don’t be a slave, this idea is an absolute disaster!

—— Miles Guo March 8 2021

As long as you rely on your seniority, count on your credit forever or doing things unfair, whoever takes you out then you deserves it, what we want is dignity, equality, and respect for people!

—— Miles Guo March 8 2021

Among fellow fighters, brother is brother, business is business, be pure. Don’t get so much economic interactions between each other.

—— Miles Guo March 8 2021

Fighters, this is not business, this is faith. This is one of the greatest revolutions in life, a battle between righteousness and evil, truth and false, good and vicious.

—— Miles Guo August 16, 2020

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