06/10/2021 G-Translators Newsflash

News Summary:

1、CCP Claims Virus Vaccine as a Secondary Prevention Measure and Cannot Prevent Infection

2、The Inside Story of Why a Postdoc Slashes the Throat of Party Secretary at His University

3、Study Found That Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Can Increase the Survival Chance of Patients With CCP Virus by Nearly 200%

4、Documents Show That Pfizer Skipped Key Tests and Takes Shortcuts in Terms of Quality Standards

5、The U.S. Senate Passed a $250 Billion Bill To Promote Technological Competition With the CCP Comprehensively

6、Fox and Other Mainstream Media Began To Discuss the CCP’s Deliberate Release of the Virus

GTV Link:https://gtv.org/video/id=60c5d481b96c69573d7d00c9

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