People’s Eyes Are Sharp, Especially in the Age of Internet

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

More truth at GtvGnews

In today’s live broadcasting, Miles Guo said that CCP had been saying all the time that people’s eyes were sharp, especially when the CCP  attacked people. But it seems that the CCP has forgotten the people’s eyes are indeed sharp to see through the CCP as well, especially in the age of the internet when everything seen are to be spread to any corner in no time.

  • Xinjiang people did see how the CCP has committed genocide systematically to depopulate the ethnic minority of Uyghur in the west of China, Xinjiang autonomous region for years.
  • Chinese people did see how the CCP deprived Hong Kong of freedom after two years protesting started June the 9th 2019.
  • People  in Wuhan, the first place suffered the CCP virus pandemic, did see how many people died of the virus but was not even worth to be counted as a number, and did see how the CCP silenced the whistle blowers, like doctor Li Wenliang to cover up the truth from both Chinese and the people of the world.
  • People in the world did see how the CCP vacuumed the PPE around the world at the early time of CCP virus outbreak.
  • Now people did see how the so called scientists have colluded with CCP in this virus plot to kill people in millions.

People’s eyes are sharper when Whistle blower movement exposed the truth of CCP’s history, its ambition to control the world with

  • BGY to corrupts all the politics, elites and all field of live of western society. As CCP knows that to kidnap a ship, you don’t need to BGY the entire people on board, but the captain, or captain’s family. just like the CCP just have Fauci compromised, then the CCP got the entire scientific world, including WHO to assist it in covering up the origin of the CCP virus.
  • 3F America, take advantage of the democratic systems to stir the internal fight between the two parties, and between the different races to mess up the America, and eventually to overtake the American in its targeted time of 2025, 2035 and 2049 to become the hegemony of the world.
  • One belt One Road conspiracy, with its debt diplomatic policy to allure the poor nations along the belt and the road, which in fact the military deploy of CCP, and then claim the ownership of the sovereign of that nation when it couldn’t afford the payback.

Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad. We’ve seen the wild madness of Hitler in the WWII. We’ve seen the last madness arrogance of dictators, such as Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi; and now we are watching the desperate madness operations of the CCP as it still has faint illusion of survive from its doomed to perish after launching the unrestricted bioweapon war against the humanity with the virus. But remember, people’s eyes are sharp and CCP, you are finished.

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