A Sensible and Brave Mother

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: peacelv

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After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed two pieces of legislation on June 7 and said on a press conference “enough is enough”. Yesterday we heard another strong voice saying the similar determination of enough is enough. This time the hero is a mother. Until the voice of this mother, I first truly realized how serious the situation of the education in America has become. Let’s hear what the mother says. 

She started with the clear stances that “those sitting on the panels are thieves I think they’re liars and have committed treason against our children.” And then listed what the school so called education is doing:

  • you’re emotionally abusing our children;
  • immensely abusing them;
  • you’re demoralizing them by teaching them communist values;
  • you’re treating our children to hate our police officers and making them believe that it’s okay to abuse them;
  • you silencing the children, where their rights?

Yes, who are they to judge the color, the kids didn’t notice the color. As we lived the expat life around the world, my daughter has been to the schools in countries of south Asia, Caribbean and Africa. She never noticed the colour of her schoolmates when I sometimes curiously asked.

“We all know it’s a Marxist tactic to divide our country by class and by race,” said Bennett Brown, a Duval County resident and board member of the Florida Family Policy Council. We Chinese all know what Mao Zedong liked most: we should remind people of class struggle day after day, month after month and year after year. And it leads to 10 year disaster cultural revolution with exactly the same features of what it is in America today: fight between different classes, cancel culture and imposed right for violence with name of those political corrections.

The mother called to

  • end this indoctrination and hatred towards our police officers, the systematic racism and cancel culture;
  • stop indoctrinating our children;
  • stop teaching our children that if they don’t agree with the LGBT community that they’re homophobic;

Yet meanwhile it’s sad watching this video, there wasn’t a single clapping hands from the parents sitting in the hall while she was speaking, I was clapping all the way through. But she is right, she is “not the only parent fighting all across America right now”. Because by exposing what they have been doing “that would scare you(the school), the proof that parents actually standing up against all of you”.

The truth will prevail and the courage will shine. The CCP and the communist are hypocritical all the same. They would accuse others of the crimes they are committing. Such as these sitting as school authority, they promote BLM looting, rioting while accusing this mother was not peaceful.

Silence on a crime is nothing better than committing the crime, “schools are trying to poison our children’s minds teaching them about things that they have no right to be taught in school.” If we still keep silent about it, it is our children’s wellbeing in the future we are to give up. It’s our freedom world we are to give up as it will surely lead to the communist totalitarian destination.

Let’s give this brave mother salutes and do as she is doing: “keep fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting” against all the “bastards” (they call the police by this name! and indeed they are) before all is too late.

Source: Creative Loafing: Tampa Bay

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