Congressman Matt Gaetz Grills FBI Director Wray on Capitol Hill About Dr. Yan and the Coronavirus in 2021.06.10

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On the morning of June 10, 2021, FBI Director Wray was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee during a hearing on Capitol Hill. Congressman Matt Gaetz said that the issue of the origin of the coronavirus has not been thoroughly investigated. On the morning of June 10, the G7 called for a new investigation into the origin of the virus. Matt Gaetz wanted to clarify the FBI’s position on the origin of the coronavirus.

Matt Gaetz described an interview with Dr. Yan Li-Meng by an FBI agent upon her arrival at LAX on April 28, 2020. After the interview, Dr. Yan then flew to New York, and the FBI agent followed her to New York. The agent also spoke with Dr. Yan (in New York) 2 times on May 1 and 2, 2020. Dr. Yan’s cell phone was taken by the FBI. It was a cell phone containing important information and contained evidence of a WeChat conversation between Yan and the director of the Beijing CDC. Based on the content of the Wechat we can know that the Chinese Communist military was involved in the development process of the virus from December 2019, and that specific links between the virus and the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research were included. Matt Gaetz asked Detective Lei when he was informed that his agents had contact with Dr. Yan. When was the time to review the Wechat messages?

Wray’s answer was like a taiji, a deliberate digression. He did not mention any specific investigation in this occasion. In general terms, he mentioned that he has been vocal and willing to continue to speak out against counterintelligence threats from hostile countries. And that the most serious threat to the United States is the diverse forms of counterintelligence threats from the People’s Republic of China and the Communist Party of China. wray avoided talking about Dr. Yan and clearly had a problem.

Matt Gaetz interrupted Wray to pressure him to talk about Dr. Yan’s arrival in the U.S. Wray continued to evade, and Matt Gaetz pursued him, saying

Back in April and May 2020 October, the United States has not nearly 600,000 people died from the coronavirus. 2020 October 14, FBI agent Andrew Zitman brought a scientist working for the FBI to New York to see Dr. Yan. Matt Gaetz wanted Wray to tell us something about the meeting and about the origin of the coronavirus. He criticized Wray to the extent that Dr. Yan had been in the United States for a year, and he could not accept that Wray had not mentioned anything about this.

Faced with Matt Gaetz’s questioning, the FBI director continued to weasel his way out of the situation. He said that even Mr. President himself (also publicly mentioned), the intelligence community has been investigating this. There is also disagreement within the intelligence community about the origin of the coronavirus.

Matt Gaetz wants the U.S. to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the virus. He asked for the FBI’s scientific analysis of the following to be provided to this committee: Dr. Yan’s claims, the information Dr. Yan provided to the FBI, Beijing’s knowledge of the origin of the virus, the involvement of the CCP military, and even the attempt to throw out a fake genome sequence to fool the world at the beginning of the incident.

Wray tried to keep muddying the waters, saying only that he would put his staff in touch with everyone to see if they could share any information or something.

Matt Gaetz said angrily: When Dr. Yan issued a statement about China and its military’s involvement in the production of viruses and the outflow of viruses from laboratories, many people wanted to discredit her. He asked whether the FBI director was capable of determining that the act of slandering Dr. Yan was a counterintelligence operation carried out by the CCP.

Wray still didn’t answer the question from Senator Matt Gaetz directly. He assured Congressman Matt Gaetz that he would work with his people to see what information can be provided and what form of information needs to be provided.

Regarding the receipt from the Department of Justice that Dr. Yan’s mobile phone was taken by FBI agent Dana Murphy, Congressman Matt Gaetz received unanimous consent.

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