Why would an honorable professor kill CCP party secretary?

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June 7th at Fudan University a professor killed the Communist Party secretary at the school of mathematics. The police identified the suspect in custody as a professor aged 39, whose surname is Jiang, saying he used a knife to commit the crime on the school campus in Shanghai.

A brief statement from the school said that Wang Yongzhen, 49, was killed on Monday afternoon. Wang is a CCP leader who had ended professor Jiang’s contract the day before.

Fudan is ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities with strong overseas connections, although its connections to China’s ruling Communist Party have attracted controversy.

This is not the first homicide at Fudan University. A couple of years ago at Fudan, there was one young student who was poisoned by another young student due to jealousy. A woman, only using her daughter’s name, said on Weipuo, that her daughter had been put in a mental hospital by force by this same CCP party leader named Wang. She tried everything but still could not get her daughter out. No one would help her.

Jiang’s friends, colleagues, and classmates, including some colleagues from the U.S. all said: Jiang is a kind, top lever professor and researcher. He always respects everyone, but he does not stand up for himself. He does not smoke, drink, or play games. He was never late for his class. When he was in American, he always fully prepared for his classes, and patiently answered his students’ questions. He is not greedy and not money driven. He always treats people well, especially the ones who love him or who he feels love him.

One of Jiang’s associates said: he has known Jiang since 2004 to 2011. After 2009 Jiang got doctor degree of statistics, they worked together and played basketball on the weekend. Jiang is a classic book worm, aloof, and shy. However, he is a kind and very pure person inside. He never lied and he never harms others. Because of this, he does not know how to cope with unfairness. He does not have a mental disorder and he will bear any unfairness toward him. He always avoids any conflict with other teachers or party leaders.

When Jiang was arrested, he had blood over all his clothes. He told police he has been treated terribly for years and has also been framed for years. One woman who knows Jiang’s parents said, they are all honest people. If you don’t have good relationship with party secretaries you will never know what will happen to your contract. Since 2012, all the university professors have been facing a lot of pressure with a huge job load, as well as, psychological pressure and low salary. All the universities in China are copying the overseas tenure track. However, complex interpersonal relationships in China are never mentioned.

After this incident, Fudan University closed the website of mathematics taking out Wang’s personal information, as well as, Jiang’s information.

Reader’s comment:

A person such as Jiang can never survive in CCP China. He is too honest to known how. Under CCP’s China, anyone who has some power would try to use it extremely. They would never treat people fairly. I can feel the anger that Jiang had, which must have been building for years. He had been pushed back for a long time and maybe had nowhere to go. That’s why in China evil is winning over good. All the good scientists, professors, or even good workers, if you do not know how to have a good relationship with party members, your life will be miserable. Those party leaders or members or whomever have any power will be sure to make your life miserable. This is a good enough reason for many Chinese wanting to get out China. Even in the Ninety’s this happened to my father, he could not get full professorship, but could only get associated professorship because he refused to polish the party leaders.

To have a good relationship with anyone who has some power, it means visit them bringing gifts and/or money, which includes the leader’s relatives and friends. There is no limit as to how much you need to give to them.

Since 2012, Xi has made sure every corner of the country has Party shadow, so he can control people’s every move and speech. Especially in the universities, maintaining ideological purity, preventing the dissemination of Western concepts of human rights and free speech, and ensuring students and faculty remain loyal to the party. This is what the CCP wants; brainwashing people when they are young, so that by the time they go into society, they will easily become slaves.

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