Dr. Li-Meng Yan Tells an Untold Story of Her Escape from Hong Kong Tonight


FBI Director Chris Wray appeared before the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today. Rep. Matt Gaetz becomes the only U.S. congressman to boldly stand up for our brave Dr. Li-Meng Yan at Wray’s hearing today.  

Dr. Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow and director for Chinese strategy at Hudson Institute told the Voice of America that The intelligence community should interview Yan to get to the bottom of the CCP virus’ truth. 

Dr. Yan talks on today’s show about how the FBI contacted her and what happened before and after escaping to the United States. 

What happened on April 28, 2020?

  • When Dr. Yan got off the plane, customs officials and the L.A.-based FBI had been waiting for her for a long time.
  • Dr. Yan later learned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government, through her so-called friend Li Yu (李钰), had her WeChat contacts in the U.S. call the U.S. police, claiming that she has been kidnapped and needs the intervention and help of the Chinese Embassy. Fortunately, the United States government did not end up handing her over to any Chinese Embassy. 
  • A few hours after Dr. Yan got on the plane, the president of the University of Hong Kong received word from the Chinese Communist Party that a full search of the campus had been conducted. At the same time, the Chinese National Security Bureau sent agents from Beijing to Dr. Yan’s family in Qingdao, Shandong Province.
  • Few hours after Dr. Yan left Hong Kong, the President of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Zhang Xiang launched a comprehensive search on the campus and the Ministry of State Security sent agents from Beijing to Dr. Yan’s family in Qingdao, Shandong.
  • Dr. Yan especially points out Li Yu on the show and warns everyone she is working for the CCP, who pretend as Hong Kong protestor on social media. 
  • Dr. Yan singles out Li Yu on the show and warned people that she was pretending to be a Hong Kong protester on social media when in fact she was working for the CCP. Li also has been constantly threatening Dr. Yan’s friends and family in China and revealed all their information to the CCP.

Dr. Yan tells the stories about her husband, Ranawaka Perera

  • Dr. Yan’s husband claimed to kill Mr. Lu De and Mr. Steve Bannon after Dr. Yan asked him to go to the U.S. together. And he had attempted to kill her three times, which is how she ended up leaving Hong Kong alone immediately. 
  • He then followed Dr. Yan to New York to prevent her from participating in an interview with Fox last year. Dr. Yan was shocked that he was able to enter the U.S. with an H-1B visa this March. He could only obtain his H-1B with the support of Malik Perris, HKU, and an institution in the United States.


  • Dr. Yan had a two-hour interview with the FBI at the airport on April 28, 2020.  Then when she arrived in New York, she had many long interviews and conversations with the FBI and their scientist.

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