【Lude】2021.6.2AM:What Does It Mean for Xi to Change His Approach on International Propaganda?

Video Extraction :  Himalaya LA (USA) – xtts
Chinese Subtitles:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA)  – Arthur
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What are the key words for that meeting, why? “Need to have deep understanding”, you know, these two words have special importance in CCP’s vocabulary. That means they did terrible a while ago, you know. If they are going to enhance the new situation, what is the new situation. Basically,the situation is already pretty bad, under the new situation. If you look at the history of CCP, they will never admit the situation is intense. No, always saying under new situation, you know.  

Enhance and improve propaganda in the international world. International propaganda is to emphasize the importance and necessity of their propaganda. What is the point? The core issues are here. First of all, you need to enhance. Second, you need to improve. So-called improve is actually convert. Just as our topic indicate, they are going to change the way of fighting. Improve of the propaganda methods is a pressing issue. This is what it means, as necessary. The situation is getting pretty tense. They cannot fulfil the mission of broadcasting CCP’s good voice and tell good stories about China. So, they failed to do the job. They were supposed to broadcasting the good stories of CCP. They failed to do the job of spreading the good voice of China. Your job is a failure. So, first, they need to enhance. Second, what is more important? Improve, right?

They need to work hard to improve the propaganda. What is the key word? This is not establishment of propaganda. This is the building of the propaganda capacity. That is to say that you guys did build propaganda. However, it sucks. Now we need to enhance what? Enhance the capacity. To fool the 1.4Billion Chinese, An Hong, you know. For the propaganda, you know, you can cross the firewall, and see that is how other people address this. Those fake democracy activists said so to fool the 1.4 Billion Chinese. They want to control the international narrative, right? Now, it is more than just fooling the 1.4Billion Chinese.

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