[Headline News] The Biggest Killer of the 21st Century: The Fauci Cabal!

Translator: MOS Buddhist Group — Emma Jin

According to a report by TGP on June 8, evidence shows that the largest massacre in the 21st century originated from Fauci’s conspiracy and lying. The latest research shows that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have increased the survival rate of COVID patients by nearly 200%.

TGP has extensively reported the role of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus in the past year, including Fauci and his medical “elites” conspiring to ban the use of this very successful drug, and earlier, Fauci and the top medical experts of America used falsified research and typical false information to disqualify HCQ from treating the coronavirus, which leads to the loss of 3.7 million people’s lives all over the world, including 500,000 Americans.

On March 25, 2020, at the White House press conference on the use of hydroxychloroquine, Fauci criticized President Trump. Thousands of emails that have been exposed recently show that, as the chief medical adviser to President Trump at the time, Fauci always showed disdain and indifferent to some of the treatment plans proposed by the Trump administration. But in the end, it proved that President Trump was right.

Peter McCullough, a Cardiologist and medical professor testified in Texas earlier this year that 85% of patients can recover and be fully immunized after receiving multiple drug treatments. If COVID-19-positive patients are treated in time before being hospitalized, the epidemic may be over by now. If the treatment plan used by him and other doctors had not been suppressed by the joint suppression of Fauci, CDC and WHO, thousands of people may have been rescued, and many more lives would be saved.

The website c19hcq.com tracks all international studies on hydroxychloroquine and its impact on the coronavirus. There is a new study titled “Hydroxychloroquine Symptomatic COVID-19: A Real-time Comprehensive Analysis of 245 Studies”. The results are shocked! That is to say, in terms of patient recovery and stable treatment, the use of high-dose HCQ too late is not effective, and its therapeutic effect improves with the early use and dosage improvement. Early treatment always shows positive effects.

On February 29, 2020, in an email, two Oklahoma doctors discussed their research on hydroxychloroquine extensively. Fauci’s response appeared surprised and said that these “good things” had not been finally verified.  Fauci’s passive response also confirmed the message he later conveyed on the national stage.

In an inquiry email about the clinical research report of hydroxychloroquine in China on February 24, 2020, Maryland pharmacologist Philip Gatti asked: “Are there any signs or data to confirm The Chinese (Communist) State’s claim that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can reduce COVID-19 infection and lung diseases?” Fauci responded contemptuously: “There are many similar claims in the society. This briefing has no data, so I have no way to evaluate their claims. “

In May 2020, Fauci told CNN: “Hydroxychloroquine as a drug to prevent coronavirus is actually ‘dangerous’ and ‘ineffective’.” Immediately, Fauci’s statement made headlines in the mainstream media. The media ridiculed President Trump and anyone who believes that hydroxychloroquine is safe and effective. Doctors who use hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients have their social media accounts suspended, and technology giants have begun censoring any mention of hydroxychloroquine.

Another new study published on medRxiv shows that the use of weight-matched HCQ plus AZM dose seems to be associated with a more than 100% increase in survival, especially the high-dose hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin treatment regimen can make the survival rate of ventilated COVID-19 patients increased by nearly 200%.

Meryl Nass, MD, recently broke the silence on “Defenders”, claiming that there is more information indicating that not only NIAID director Fauci, but all top medical officials in the United States have participated in the conspiracy against hydroxychloroquine, including Fauci’s nominal boss, NIH director Collins, Wellcome Trust Fund director Faller, etc.

Faller worked in Vietnam, where people often contracted malaria, and he also participated in SARS-1 research there. He is also the chair of the scientific advisory group for the WHO R&D Blueprint, which led him to lead the WHO comprehensive trial in which 1,000 unsuspecting subjects were overdosed of hydroxychloroquine. In order to further dispel the idea of ​​using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, he also served as the core figure of the British rehabilitation trial, in which 1,600 subjects also overdose hydroxychloroquine. However, these two experiments on overdose of hydroxychloroquine lasted until June 2020, and they had to be stopped when their extreme doses were revealed, resulting in the death of approximately 500 subjects in total.

Further, in an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in mid-April 2020, Brazil told the world how they mistakenly overdose patients with chloroquine, the mortality rate was 39%, and the average age was 50 years old. Therefore, even without any medical experience, medical expertise or medical common sense, as the top technical officials in the American medical field, Faller, Fauci and Collins should all learn this painful lesson from the Brazilian case.

Since then, Faller, Fauci and Collins have refused to provide research funding, which could have been used to conduct fruitful trials on the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other drugs that could reverse the situation of the epidemic. Fauci has the supreme right of NIAID to formulate COVID-19 treatment guidelines, and strongly recommends against using hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Fauci’s NIAID also canceled the first large-scale trial using hydroxychloroquine to treat early-stage disease.

Given that hydroxychloroquine has been used safely in millions of patients for 65 years, they carefully designed such a fake test and false information: hydroxychloroquine is safe for other uses, but it is dangerous when used for COVID-19. This is a total lie elaborately compiled by the Fauci group. Thousands of people were killed as a result. Therefore, they should be directly responsible for the deaths and improper treatment during the epidemic, as well as the epidemic prolongation.

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the epidemic, and the world has undergone earth-shaking changes. After so long, I thought the medical profession should have already reached a consensus on the clinical treatment of COVID-19-positive patients and focusing on prevention and treatment options. Because this disease is the death sentence, especially for the elderly, obese, and people with underlying diseases. But the saddest thing is that the magical and effective HCQ is the same as the truth about the origin of COVID-19. It is completely covered up by them. What does all this mean?

Because Fauci is the absolute authority on epidemiology and its prevention and treatment programs in the United States and the world. His words are treated as gospel by people instinctively. People continue to believe whatever Fauci says, and believe things will turn for the better as long as Fauci open his mouth. This also makes Fauci an arrogant man. However, the facts of the epidemic this time have completely subverted people’s trust in Fauci. All this stems from a lie of Fauci. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, the use of hydroxychloroquine treatment has been neglected, diminished and restricted. Doesn’t it mean that he killed millions of people? Unfortunately, what we are still facing is an unimaginable massacre, and such a massacre has not been effectively stopped!



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