[June 10, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[June 10, 2021] Video translation

Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. Have you worked out yet? Have you spread the truth of the CCP virus and the truth of the Hong Kong crisis? I just finished a workout, and the sweating made me feel exceptionally comfortable.

Brothers and sisters, today is another big day.

In an hour on Capitol Hill, some senators are going to launch an interrogation of Christopher Asher Wray, the current director of the FBI. The most important part of the interrogation will be about our heroine scientist, Ms. Yan Li-Meng. The Whistleblower Movement helped her leave Hong Kong last year.

How did she get to New York? Why was she threatened and searched by Homeland Security agents in Los Angeles to the point where she almost died at the airport? Afterwards, she arrived in New York and was still being tracked by DHS agents and FBI agents from Los Angeles. These individuals pounded on the door of her apartment.

Later, at the Himalaya Embassy, the FBI attorney we hired met with Mr. Bannon for four days. Mr. Bannon slept on the floor of the embassy for those four nights.

The FBI agents said it would take two years to investigate this criminal case. Finally, we took independent action ourselves and exposed it directly through the media. There were so many stories behind the scenes.

Ms. Yan Li-Meng herself didn’t know these stories behind the scenes. She is a simple person. She is a brilliant scientist, but she doesn’t know much about other fields. She is very pure. There were too many stories behind the scenes.

It is rumored that the report Dr. Yan had handed to the FBI was not presented to President Trump, nor the White House, nor the DOJ, nor Congress.

If her report had been handed over, there would have been a lot fewer deaths in the US and in the world. Right?

Dr. Yan’s husband came to the US in early 2020. The FBI and Homeland Security did not treat him the way they treated Dr Yan.

We mentioned in our ‘revealing the truth of the CCP virus’ that her husband was a key expert and participant, an epidemiologist. This year her husband was granted a work visa to come to the US again, supposedly cooperating with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

What were they cooperating on?

Her husband did not come to the US to prove how good our scientist is, but rather to smear her and claim that she is unqualified to talk about the virus. Her husband testified that what Dr. Yan said was false, and it could be a hoax designed by Guo Wengui and Bannon — you all should understand what this means.

The other day, when her husband came to the US, many people were excited and were talking about her husband coming to the US. But you did not see through the hoax, brothers and sisters.

When you are talking about something that you did not personally experienced, it is called analysis. An analysis is strictly speculation, and speculation is usually very different from fact, even though it may take you time to analyze.

We were deeply involved in these things, so we knew the whole truth of the matter.

Where has Dr. Yan’s husband been? Has he been to Shenzhen? Has he been to Beijing? Has he been to Wuhan? Has he been to Shanxi? Who did he go back to Sri Lanka to meet? 

Whom did he meet in Dubai? Whom did he see in these countries? What did he do in those places when the whole world was in a quarantine situation? Right? What did he go to the UAE for?

All these things will be uncovered sooner or later. Fellow fighters, you don’t need to rush.

In the US, never lose faith in two things, and never lose patience with two things.

Firstly, do not lose confidence in the legal system of the US. There is rule of law in this country. Secondly, it is true that there are some bad people in the US Congress, but don’t lose confidence in all members of Congress and the Congress.

Regarding patience, firstly, if you want to wait for a fair trial under the law in the US, you have to be patient. Be patient with whatever outcome you are waiting for, wait for the facts to get straightened out, or be patient with the outcome of a matter. Secondly, if you want to succeed in the US, you also have to be patient and not be in a hurry if you want to invest successfully.

These two confidences and two reasons to be patient are very important in the US, and everything must be seen in this way.

What should we think of the US government, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security?

The Department of Homeland Security arbitrarily searched our G-Fashion executives working in Los Angeles. The agents went into the G-Fashion office, threatened our employees, detained them at the airport, and directly threatened me. The DHS agents were very motivated to do these things.

These DHS agents in Los Angeles, did you recognize Elliott Broidy? Where did you get the information? Why didn’t you investigate the truth of the virus and the CCP conspiracy that Ms. Yan Li-Meng revealed to the US? 

And the FBI, you were doing the same with the DHS, weren’t you? You were so keen to investigate the Phoenix money-scam case, but you even picked the wrong target. Why didn’t you investigate the information Ms. Yan Li-Meng revealed to the US? Why didn’t you verify the information that could save American lives and study the information that the Whistleblower Movement has conveyed to the US over and over again?

From 2017 till now, what information that we revealed didn’t become a reality? When were we wrong? You have the means to investigate, but we don’t.

Look at all those people who smeared the Whistleblower Movement, they were all from the Washington Post, or some media outlet in New York controlled by Wall Street. The reporters were all female journalists representing the CCP.

Why were these female CCP reporters who reported stories like “Guo Wengui’s rape case,” “Guo-3-seconds,” “Guo Wengui, the double agent” always from the Washington Post, the Associated Press, or the Wall Street Journal?

Why didn’t you check the truth about these reports? Didn’t these spy activities threaten US homeland security?

The CCP has taken complete control of the US media, and has arranged for its spy agents to work as reporters in these media. These agents acted on behalf of the CCP. They used English names, having two American reporters as the co-reporter, then published these completely untrue stories.

You did not investigate these problems. What did you study? Did you investigate the people who revealed the facts? Sooner or later, you’re going to have to explain what you’re doing. Right?

Everybody should watch the C-SPAN show at 10:30 today. Watch the TV station on Capitol Hill. The show today can be hilarious and interesting.

You should know that highly educated or knowledgeable people do not meet an equally high standard of morality. Those in high-ranking positions and those with great influence do not meet an equally high standard of morality.

It is not the case that the greater the power, the higher standard of morality. It is not the case that the higher the education, the higher standard of morality.

I was corresponding with a German woman fellow fighter this morning when she told me that a person around her studying E-proteins got vaccinated. After the vaccination, this individual became swollen.

She told me it was too bad. I told her that advanced intellectuals were not equivalent to having high morals and intelligence – not at all.

All the lethal stuff that can kill people, including the coronavirus, was developed by highly educated people. The farmer with the hoe, the man digging the ditches, will never develop the coronavirus.

Many senior intellectuals, senior scientists lack humanity. They conflate doing bad things with doing reasonable ones.

As Freud said, when a person is concerned about sex, he loses his mind. He will try to find the most suitable language to describe his sexual perversions and sadistic proclivities and cover up his abnormal and immoral sexual tendencies.

The same is true of intellectuals, especially senior intellectuals, many of whom are so bad. Not to mention politicians, of whom there are hardly any good people.

Somebody said to me yesterday. “Mr. Guo, you must be in politics. You are too good for it,” he said. I told him that in my life, Guo Wengui trusts politicians the least.

The day Guo Wengui wants to be in politics, the thunder and lightning in the sky should strike me dead. The soul cannot be reincarnated, and even after ten thousand years mine will not reappear.

I hate politics that much. Politics has no regard for human life at all.

When Dr. Yan’s experience in the US is carefully investigated, all kinds of irregularities will be exposed. In the words of a Chinese professor, everything will come out loud and clear.

The CCP has completely kidnaped the US. So, do you know how tough it is for the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC)? It is tough! Both Mr. Lu De and Dr. Yan didn’t know how difficult it was for brother-7, the NFSC, and the Whistleblower Movement.

Many anonymous fellow fighters post on the internet. So many fellow fighters watch the Lu De Media show. So many fellow fighters and scientists have risked their lives to stand with us. The most critical “swamp” forces have given up their interests and risked their lives to support us. One of our “swamp” elder sister and her fellows risked their lives to ensure that Dr. Yan could get on the plane. If it were not for these people, how could we have today’s situation?

Many people like to remind others that they should never be ungrateful and should never return the kindness of others with resentment. But honestly, I would say there is a terrible characteristic about the Chinese — Chinese people are the most ungrateful. The Chinese are most likely to forget the kindness of others. Even worse, some of them return with resentment.

The Whistleblower Movement never expects anything in return, but for those fellow fighters who contributed behind the scenes, I will never forget them.

Regarding today’s hearing on Capitol Hill, how could the hearing be held if it were not for the forces behind us pushing for it?

Brothers and sisters, I will not say too much more. The Gods know everything, and the participants know everything.

Brothers and sisters, I have only one thing to say — if we can destroy the CCP, we are the biggest winners; if we cannot do that, what we are saying means nothing. Brothers and sisters, keep in mind that destroying the CCP is the only goal for us. Except for it, anything else is nonsense.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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