[Commentary] The CCP Is Changing Its Foreign Propaganda and Communication Strategy in an attempt to Maintain Its Regime

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On June 5, an article titled “Upgrading from International Communication to Strategic Communication” was published in the Global Times. The reason the author “complained” at the beginning of the article is that since the outbreak of the pandemic, countries around the world have gradually realized the CCP’s real ugly face of its foreign propaganda which has distorted the facts, concealed the truth of the pandemic, fooled the world, and applied wolf warrior diplomacy, and started to crack down hard on the CCP’s foreign propaganda and foreign propaganda agencies. According to the article, “China’s foreign propaganda media and foreign-related cultural institutions have been suppressed by some Western Societies”, so that “it is not possible to say what is beneficial” and “it is not possible to spread the words”, so “the words are said, but they have little impact.” 

Since the CCP’s old policy of foreign propaganda has failed, the CCP has been thinking about how to promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s international communication under the new historical conditions, to break the predicament and rebuild a brand-new propaganda. To put it bluntly, the CCP is trying to change its strategy, improve its skill in making up lies, and try to continue fooling the world with new methods.

Starting from 2008 to now, the CCP has deployed a 45 billion RMB “great foreign propaganda” strategy, which includes promoting the international expansion of the CCP’s official media, the CCP’s ideas, and the so-called “telling the Chinese story”. For more than a decade, the CCP has been extensively brainwashing the Western people by using “boiling frogs in warm water,” acquiring large amounts of foreign media, spending huge amounts of money on advertising, controlling overseas Chinese media, establishing a “new global media order” worldwide, and taking over U.S. colleges and universities. The “leftist communist ideology” has flooded campuses all over the United States, especially among the young generation.

Let us review how the CCP is trying to continue its deception by being “more sincere”.

Recently, many Chinese vlogger, such as Li Ziqi and Grandpa Ahmu, have become global celebrities, and “Tik Tok Cities” such as Chongqing and Xi’an have become very famous. These local Chinese cultures are seemingly so charming and colorful to have an immense appeal to netizens around the world. But long time ago, our whistleblower fighters have already exposed these so-called “grassroots celebrities” or “Tik Tok cities” are actually the CCP’s great foreign propaganda.

The article reads, “Local governments and leaders should strengthen our awareness of international communication, take the initiative in the vast space of the emotional market, strive to transform our institutional, organizational and human strengths into communication advantages, and create a new situation in which the official, elite and civil multi-level discourse circles resonate in the same frequency and communicate in a polyphony, which will help us break the current dilemma faced by China’s international communication .”

From the content of this Global Times article, we can see that the CCP has shifted from its previous failed foreign propaganda policies of arrogance, flailing and shrewish cursing to pretending to be cute, pretending to be weak and pitiful, trying to paralyze the world and gain the world’s sympathy by doing so.

But, no matter what kind of great foreign propaganda the CCP uses, the CCP’s lies are revealed one by one by smoking gun evidence from the Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Guo Wengui, the truth-telling media such as Lude Media, GTV and GNEWS, or many selfless, fearless, wise, and tactful Whistleblower Movement followers. The CCP’s “Blue, Gold, and Yellow plan” and the white extermination plan are exposed to the world. Now, the truth about the CCP virus is on the horizon to be revealed. “Only the truth is unbreakable”, said by Mr. Guo Wengui.

The author of this article is Shi Anbin, a professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Journalism and Communication. The sentences he proposes, “international communication is elevated to strategic communication”, “national strategic communication mechanism” and “top-level design institution”, are like word puzzles. These word games played by the literati alone will not save the CCP from extinction.



Proofread/Posted by: Mr. Z

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