[Topple CCP] American Senate Passed a $250 BILLION Bill Aiming to Crush Communist China Regime

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Image source: Daily Mail

According to a report published by Daily Mail on June 9th, on Tuesday, American Senate voted 68-32 on a bill that aims to promote semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies in the United States in response to increasingly fierce international competition, especially from the threat of the Chinese Communist Party regime.

The report states that the American share of semiconductor manufacturing globally has steadily decreased from 37 percent in 1990 to about 12 per cent now. It is reported that the $250 billion bill is the biggest investment in scientific research in decades. The centerpiece of the bill is a $50 billion emergency allotment to the Commerce Department. It will be used to increase semiconductor development and manufacturing through research and incentive programs previously authorized by Congress. Semiconductor chips are an important component of a large number of electronic devices, and the U.S. is eager to produce more of them domestically as the demand for technology continues to swell.

 The bill would authorize up to $29 billion over five years for the new branch within the foundation with an additional $52 billion for its programs. On Tuesday, McConnell, a senior Republican in the Senate said, “needless to say, final passage of this legislation cannot be the Senate’s final word on our competition with China, it certainly won’t be mine.” In the evening, President Biden made a response to the past of the bill. He stated, “America must maintain its position as the most innovative and productive nation on Earth.” In addition, Roger Wicker, a Senator of Mississippi explained that, “this is an opportunity for the United States to strike a blow on behalf of answering the unfair competition that we are seeing from communist China.”

Daily Mail emphasized that the senators added some clauses, reflecting the change in attitude towards the CCP’s handling of the epidemic. One of the provisions prohibits federal funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology during new investigations into the origin of the virus and connections with the laboratory’s research.

The 68-32 vote on the bill shows that confronting communist China on the economy has become a factor, which fosters the collaboration of the two parties in American Congress. Both parties are aware of the threats from the CCP, and both parties share the same view on confronting the CCP. Whether in the pursuit of the source of the CCP virus or in economic policies, the U.S. Senate has begun to unite against the CCP.

 $250 BILLION bill to compete with China approved: Dems and Reps unite to back investment in research, AI and semiconductor production to win science and tech race with Beijing

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