It is Time to Fight!

Author: Markus Shaw 

One month later, on July 1st, 2021, the Chinese Communist Party will be celebrating its 100 years birthday. It is nearly impossible for us to believe that the Chinese Communist Party has been existing nearly one century. It has done countless wrong things, and it is the time for us to end it now because CCP government is not only an evil government which practice the most severe level of dictatorship, but also threatening the human being after 100 years of development. 

Since the beginning, CCP never in one day got legitimacy from the Chinese people although it defines itself as a democratic government in a special Chinese socialism style. But as known by every people who lived in China. No one could really vote for any representatives in the national congress. And the representatives chose by CCP only say yes under the authority of the General Secretaries. For those who dare to say no to the party, the only result is the end of their political life or even death. It is hard to believe, hard to accept for anyone who believes in justice, believe in the right thing. And those 100 years had made the Chinese people, the hard-working and decent residents in China lost everything they deserve. 

We cannot let it continue. We must stand out, we must speak the truth out, warning the world, and let the truth from the Whistle Blower Movement shine over, and break the darkness from the 100 years of the CCP governance. No one knows what will happen if CCP is keeping existing. So, for all of us, all of you who know the truth, who took the glance into what is happening in China, and other parts of the world, it is your responsibility to reveal the truth and try to make a difference. The CCP virus gave us the best motivation to unit together, to unit globally, and to fight with the belief of justice. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of 

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Good job.👏

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