【G Times】 Trump’s Globalization and Mr. Guo’s Globalization

Author: Giselle Translation: XiaoYu

1. In an interview with FOX anchor Maria, U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan referred to Taiwan as the Republic of China (China), and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide during a domestic party leader discussion meeting, referred to Taiwan as a country. Was this a “slip of the tongue” on their part?

——These were obviously deliberate acts to tread on the red line, challenging the bottom line of the CCP.

Sullivan and Yoshihide Suga are both senior politicians, hence not likely to have made such mistakes coincidentally. They were clearly coordinated. At the very least, they can achieve the effect of stretching to “threshold pressure limits” against the CCP.

In fact, the significance could be more profound, such as: to subsequently annul  CCP’s diplomatic immunity and to set the stage for declaring CCP a transnational criminal organization. To only recognize China in Taiwan and not the China of the CCP, denying the legitimacy of the CCP’s governing powers!

2. Why do people say: Politics is dark …

——This is because most people do not pay too much attention to politics.

Politics is the process of citizen representatives participating in national decision-making. It shouldn’t be dark. Dark Politics is not normal and should not be so.

The people entrust decision-making powers to politicians, and politicians govern for the people and stand for the wants of citizens. This is essentially an act of mutual trust and mutual benefit.

However, most of today’s professional politicians have become spokespersons for interest groups, betraying the trust of citizens and betraying the interests of the people and even the national interest.

Let’s hope our New China Federation will have more politicians who can truly petition for, and, represent the interests of the people…

3. What is the difference between President Trump’s opposition to globalization and Mr. Guo’s support of globalization?

—— President Trump’s anti-globalization is against globalization controlled by the CCP, Russia and other autocratic and totalitarian governments.

The globalization advocated by Mr. Guo is globalization without the control of a totalitarian government such as the CCP.

Therefore, they both have the same intent.

Globalization must be built on common values ​​in order to have mutual trust and reliance, otherwise it will become a disaster just like those international organizations controlled by the CCP.

4.What do you perceive of domestic college students delivering food after graduation?

——There is no shame in college students delivering food. This is actually quite normal in the West. Many 13-year olds work at McDonald’s to earn some money, and many of them go on to work in restaurants after graduation. There is no such thing as a demeaning career. Every job well done is worthy of respect.

(The contents of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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