[Commentary] How To View The Current Popular Phenomenon–“Lie Flat”

Author:MOS Translation Group  Wenya621

Recently, the phrase “lie flat” has quickly become popular in the social circle of young people in China. Lie flat is an invisible resistance and declaration of war by the “bottom people” against the bureaucracy and power class. 

Digging deeper into the meaning reveals that in the past 10 years, the domestic economy has developed rapidly, but the people’s living standards have not improved. On the contrary, for young people, the wage level is extremely low, while housing prices and prices of goods are extremely high. No matter how hard they work, they can no longer afford to buy a house, get married, or rehabilitate children. Therefore, they simply do not work hard, do not struggle, and only earn money to make ends meet in order to maintain a minimum standard of living.

In fact, there are other terms with similar definitions, such as “Three ‘Not’ Youth” in Japan, “Three ‘Throw-Away’ People”, “Five ‘Throw-Away’ People” and even “Seven ‘Throw-away’ People” in Korea, all of which have similar meanings; that they no longer want to succeed and are giving up their struggle.

1. Why does the “Lie Flat” phenomenon occur?        

Huge amounts of social pressure makes young people full of meaningless and worthless sense of loss in life. 

In many things like higher housing prices, the higher cost of marriage, and the total unfairness in society, present the modern youth as hugely dissatisfied. Lying flat as well as preaching the lying flat concept, is the catharsis of this dissatisfaction. Lie flat is a kind of helplessness and unyielding.

Recently the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime began to encourage the Three-Child Policy. Most of the young generations born after 1980 and 1990 are only from one child families which means that a couple would have to support four elderly people. Now according to the CCP’s regulation a couple must bore three children, and when they retire, say at 65 years old, that means they will have to take care of nine grandchildren. Many young people simply do not have the courage to face the burden of housing, medical care and education, as well as the mismatch between high prices and low wages levels, which makes them feel that they cannot afford to live, feed, raise, or even be sick.

In fact, there may be a social phenomenon behind “lie flat.”

On one hand, it reflects the group social anxiety, frustration, and sense of loss of young people everywhere. It reflects the temporary confusion of contemporary young people in the face of this special historical period. 

It also objectively reflects some of the problems in society. 

On the other hand, due to the competition in society, young people are forced to be involved in a meaningless race, coupled with the kidnapping of the social view of success and values. Young people have more and more costs, but it is more and more difficult to obtain the corresponding returns. Then “lying flat” will have its reason for existence. 

Lie flat is an invisible resistance and declaration of war of the bottom people against the bureaucracy and power class. Lie flat is a bloodiness hidden in the depths of the youth and a most gentle resistance struggle.

2. The attitude of the society towards “lie flat.”

The whirlwind of “lying flat” soon became the target of criticism by the official media. The South Daily published an article saying, “It is shameful to lie flat, where is the sense of justice?” calling on young people to struggle. Chinese social networking site Douban has closed several discussion groups related to “lying flat,” and some users have been banned or blocked for mentioning “lying flat” in their posts. Many netizens found that on the evening of May 31st, “lie flat” had been set as a sensitive word by Douban. In addition, all the postings in Baidu’s posting bar, the ’’lie flat bar,” have also been unable to open.

Several entrepreneurs such as Yu Minhong and Dong Mingzhu severely criticized the lying flat youth, talking about the spirit of struggle and the future of the country.

CCTV host Bai Yansong said, “Are we now expecting very low housing prices, jobs casually found, no pressure at all, and a girl we like to catch up with easily, no way, right?”

These people’s views are not without limitations because they ignore the social reality, ignore the lying flat people’s situation and thoughts. If the youth are lying flat with nothing to do, but play and gnaw the old, they are blamed. But the reality is not like that. Bai Yansong and other people directly defined the lie flat people as negative anorexia, unwilling to work, this view is extremely irresponsible. However, as the spokesman of the company’s top social power class, and as the mouthpiece of the CCP regime, it is predictable for them to make such remarks. 

After all, if everyone lies flat and does not work, the company will cease to exist and the society will lose its foundation to operate, which is what the CCP regime does not want to see. That is why the CCP is so scared. 

3. How to solve the problem of “lying flat”

Instead of criticizing the young people for “lying flat,” why not think about how to reform the social management model, improve the education and training systems, optimize the employment environment, and balance the price and income level, etc.. If  people have the opportunity to show off their skills and aspirations, who is willing to “lie flat?” 

In addition, “lie flat” psychology can resonate in the hearts of many people, which proves that the authoritarian system hinders the development of social productivity, and must be eliminated.

Many people know that the productive forces determine the relations of production. When the relations of production adapt to the development of productive forces, they will promote the development of productive forces. As the productive forces develop, the original relations of production will hinder the development of the productive forces when they lag behind the development of the new productive forces. 

Eventually the old relations of production will be changed, eliminated, and replaced by the new productive forces, which is the inevitable law of social development. 

If the “lie flat” movement continues to develop in this way, the whole society’s production efficiency will be greatly reduced, the speed of social and economic development is likely to rapidly slow down, stagnate, or even regress. When enough people completely recognize and lose confidence in the exploitative nature of the CCP, economic and political collapse is not impossible.


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