Fauci’s Lies Exposed: HCQ and other Multi-Drug Treatment Dramatically Improves COVID Patient Survival Chances

Writer: Lois

Image: The Gateway Pundit. (June 8, 2021)

Studies have shown the tremendous benefits of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin (AZ) in COVID-19 treatment. However, Dr Anthony Fauci and his elite colleagues have relentlessly attempted to falsely disprove these benefits over the past year. Millions have died worldwide as a result of this lie.  

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially announced the coronavirus pandemic, Dr Fauci has constantly changed his so-called pandemic guidelines at the expense of America and the world. His confusing, pseudoscientific rules were intended to supposedly counter the spread of COVID-19, which is linked to the deaths of over half a million Americans and 3.7 million citizens worldwide over the past year.

However, researchers, doctors and other so-called healthcare experts are nowhere close to reaching a consensus on COVID-19 patient treatment. After all this time, there is still no set treatment plan to help these patients recover.

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Dr Fauci ignored COVID-19 treatment plans unless the patient was in a severe condition.

Earlier this year, cardiologist and Professor of Medicine Peter McCullough testified in Texas that a multi-drug treatment plan heals 85% of COVID patients without affecting their immunity. 

McCullough stated the pandemic would have been over by now if those who tested positive were immediately treated before their condition severely deteriorated. He added that thousands could have been and still could be saved if physicians were allowed to enforce this treatment protocol.

The website c19hq.com holds records of all international studies on hydroxychloroquine and various other drugs in COVID-19 treatment.

One study shows HCQ is not effective in COVID-19 treatment when used in high dosages over a long period very late into an infection. However, the drug is effective if used early with appropriate dosage. 

Another study published on the medRxiv preprint server shows COVID-19 treatment with HCQ and AZM may dramatically increase survival rates.

Although the server is not peer-reviewed, Dr Liji Thomas, MD, reported the following News-Medical:

“. . .a re-analysis of over 250 patients on invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) during the first two months of the pandemic shows the use of weight-adjusted HCQ and AZM appears to be associated with a more than 100% increase in survival.”

These studies are actual science, unlike Dr Fauci and the medical elites’ pseudoscientific conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday, The Gateway Pundit contributor Larry Johnson quoted excerpts from Headline USA‘s reports on Dr Fauci’s hydroxychloroquine e-mails:

“The e-mails also showed that Fauci was more in the loop than he let on concerning some of the Trump administration’s proposed treatment solutions. . .He notoriously second-guessed then- President, Donald Trump, during a press conference statement about the benefits of using hydroxychloroquine. . .Although Fauci seemed taken aback and insisted that the “anecdotal” claims had yet to be conclusively studied, a month earlier he had been looped into an e-mail to Pence on February 29 [2020] in which a pair of Oklahoma physicians extensively discussed their research on it.”

Mr Johnson also noted Fauci’s response to an inquiry on February 24, 2020, that mentioned China’s clinical studies and reports regarding the drug:

“Is there any indication/data to substantiate this claim from China (attached publication) that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can decrease COVID-19 infections and lung disease?” Maryland pharmacologist Philip Gatti wrote to Fauci.

“There are no data in this brief report, and so I have no way of evaluating their claim,” read Fauci’s dismissive reply, “There are a lot of these types of claims going around. I would love to see their data.”

In May, Dr Fauci claimed in a CNN interview that HCQ was dangerous and ineffective against COVID-19.

Although hydroxychloroquine has been known as a safe drug for 65 years, Dr Fauci’s lie, broadcast nationwide, began the hot fake news trend that HCQ was dangerous in the treatment of COVID-19. Next, tech giants censored all mention of the drug, including doctors treating COVID-19 patients with the medication. Finally, the fake news media mocked President Trump and anyone who spoke of the drug’s benefits. 

Because of the lie propagated by Dr Anthony Fauci and his elite buddies, countless innocent citizens who could have been saved with HCQ died.

Furthermore, Dr Meryl Nass, MD, says US top health officials were all deliberately using erroneous and false studies and evidence to support their conspiracy against hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 treatment:

“1. There was a conspiracy between the five authors of the Nature paper and the heads of the NIH, NIAID and Wellcome Trust to cover up the lab origin of COVID.

  1. There was a conspiracy involving Daszak [EcoHealth Alliance President], Fauci and others to push the natural origin theory. [See other e-mails in the recent drop.]
  2. There was a conspiracy involving Daszak to write the Lancet letter and hide its provenance, to push the natural origin theory and paint any other ideas as a conspiracy theory. Collin’s [NIH Director] blog post is another piece of this story.
  3. Farrar [Wellcome Trust Director] was intimately involved in both large hydroxychloroquine overdose trials, in which about 500 subjects total died.
  4. Farrar, Fauci and Collins withheld research funds that could have supported quality trials of the use of chloroquine drugs and ivermectin and other repurposed drugs that might have turned around the pandemic.
  5. Are the four individuals named here — Fauci, Daszak, Collins and Farrar — intimately involved in the creation of the pandemic, as well as the prolongation and improper treatments used during the pandemic?”

The rest of Dr Nass’ story can be read here.

In a nutshell, the same white-collar criminals who helped create COVID-19 are also responsible for crushing possibilities of virus treatment alternatives.

This is genocide on a scale never seen before in human history.

The Gateway Pundit. (June 8, 2021). Greatest Mass Killer of 21st Century: Data Shows Fauci Conspired and Lied – New Study Shows HCQ plus AZM Improved Survival of COVID Patients by Nearly 200%.

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