[Headline News] What Has FBI Done with the Critical Info Provided by Dr. Li-Meng Yan Last April? — Rep. Matt Gaetz Grills FBI Director Wray

Author: MOS – James Zoebel

At the Judicial Hearing on the Capitol Hill this morning, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) questioned the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, about the Bureau’s handling of the critically important information provided by the Chinese virologist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a whistleblower from Hong Kong University, when she landed at the LAX airport last April. What the agency has done or not done since last April with such information could be linked to hundreds of thousands of innocent American lives lost in this pandemic.

Mr. Gaetz started his section by introducing the general context — the ongoing pandemic, “there has been a cover-up regarding the origins of coronavirus,” and cited evidence found in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leaked emails, G7’s renewed call to investigate the origin of the Coronavirus, and the Biden Administration’s effort to “squelch the investigation.”

Holding a receipt that shows the FBI seized Dr. Yan’s cellphone, Mr. Gaetz detailed Dr. Yan’s encounter with FBI agents. One FBI agent interviewed her at the airport last April. “Then, another agent followed her to New York and sought an interview on both the 1st of May and the 2nd of May in 2020.” FBI agents “took Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s phone on which the doctor showed evidence of WeChat communications between herself and the director of the CDC in Beijing, all the way dating back to December of 2019 regarding the Chinese (CCP) military’s involvement in the development of the virus and specific links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

Using a diplomatic tone, Mr. Wray refused to reveal details on this particular case, citing concerns over possible classified information and ongoing investigation. He stressed his outspoken stance on the threat of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Mr. Gaetz further questioned the six-hour conversation among FBI agent Andrew Zinman, a scientist, and Dr. Yan on October 14th, 2020 in New York. Again, Wray shunned away from this question and pointed out the existing difference within the intelligence community regarding the origin of coronavirus. The brief interaction between Gaetz and Wray ended with Wray committing that his agency would follow up with Gaetz’s staff on sharable information. The committee also reached a unanimous consent on entering into the record that “Dr. Yan’s phone was taken by FBI agent Dana Murphy.”

If we recalled the number of COVID cases and death last May, they stood at 1.77 million and 103,781, respectively. Yet, today, the US has seen a total of the case of 34,267,160 and 613,556 death. What if the FBI could have taken Dr. Yan’s account seriously? Could we have prevented losing so many innocent American lives? Each of them could be someone’s loved ones, family members, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances.

There are some additional facts worth noticing. First, among many Americans that suffered from this pandemic, Rep. Matt Gaetz was found to have contracted the virus on November 7, 2020. Second, there might be traces that CCP could be behind the scene possibly pushing the FBI to delay the formal recognition and serious consideration of Dr. Yan’s claims. The following graph is a rough map of how various individuals and organizations might be connected.

The CCP has been mobilizing efforts to discredit Dr. Yan. Previously, Dr. Yan blew the whistle on the human-to-human transmission on Jan 19, 2020, via Lude Media, part of the Whistleblowing Movement (WM).

On the other hand, are there any hidden connections between the King & Spalding (K&S) law firm and any CCP agents/representatives? In 2018, the illegitimate son of former CCP leader, Jho Low, hired attorneys from K&S to represent him in the 1MDB fund embezzlement case. Meanwhile, Low also financed Elliott Broidy, a top Republic fundraiser to lobby the Trump administration officials to extradite Miles Guo, a leader of the WM, back to China.

Wray served as an attorney and later a litigation partner at a prominent law firm, King & Spalding, for over a decade. Wray’s two chiefs of staff also came from the same law firm and then rejoined the law firm after their brief service at the FBI.

Where does this information lead to? The FBI’s website lists its mission as “Protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.” We couldn’t help but wonder whether the agency has really lived up to its mission as stated. Whereas Dr. Yan revealed, in these interviews with FBI agents, highly valuable information regarding America’s national security, when and how much of such information those got reported to Wray? Dr. Yan reported “Beijing’s knowledge of the origins of this virus, their military involvement, and even efforts to try to present to the world a fake genome sequence at the beginning of this development.” If Wray were aware of such information, what was his role and directions in handling it? Further, as Mr. Gaetz pointed out, there were efforts by various individuals to discredit Dr. Yan’s claims. Has the FBI examined if such a campaign was staged by the CCP to misled the American government and the public?

The transcript of the Congressional Hearing on June 10th, 2021 is provided as follows.

Rep. Matt Gaetz:  Mr. Chairman, there has been a cover-up regarding the origins of coronavirus. We see it in Dr. Fauci’s emails. We see it in the G7 call today to renew an inquiry into those origins. We see it in the Biden administration’s efforts to squelch the investigation into the origins of the coronavirus and I want to figure out what side the FBI is on. On April 28, Dr. Li-Meng Yan landed at LAX. One of your agents interviewed her at that time. She then traveled to New York. Your agent from Los Angeles followed her to New York and sought an interview on both the 1st of May and the 2nd of May in 2020. The FBI took Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s phone on which the doctor showed evidence of WeChat communications between herself and the director of the CDC in Beijing, all the way dating back to December of 2019 regarding the Chinese military’s involvement in the development of the virus and specific links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Director Wray, when did you become aware of your agency’s interface with Dr. Yan? When did you review those WeChat messages?

Wray: I’m not sure that there’s much I can say about any specific investigation. I will say that a couple of things. One, as I think I think you know, and I think the committee knows, I have been very vocal and I intend to continue to be very vocal about the counterintelligence threat, which takes a wide variety of forms from the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party. I think it’s one of the most significant threats facing this country.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Is Dr. Yan part of that threat?

Wray: Well, I again, I want to I don’t want to speak specifically about any particular investigation. But the second thing I would mention is that

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Here’s why that’s important. On the first thing, Director Wray, you know, back in October, in April and May of 2020, we didn’t have nearly six hundred thousand people died as a result of the coronavirus. On October 14th, 20 20, FBI agent Andrew Zinman brought a scientist who was working with the FBI to meet with Dr. Yan in New York on October 14th. They met for nearly six hours. Can you tell us anything about that meeting and what it tells us about the origins of this virus? It is simply unacceptable to sit here a year later and say, you’re not going to tell us whether or not there was information about the origins of the virus, which is so central to the safety and health of our fellow Americans.

Wray: I certainly understand the point of the question. Again, I have to be careful not to discuss specific investigations. I will say that in addition to our investigative work, as I think has been recently publicly stated by the DNI and I think even the president himself, the intelligence community has been looking at this issue. There are differences of view within the intelligence community about the origins of the coronavirus.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Totally understand all that. I’m trying to resolve those differences.

Wray: And are working to dive on that subject.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: We are unable to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable if we throw our hands in the air and say, well, there’s differences of opinion, we have to assess whether those differences are similarly rooted, in fact, that’s why I need the facts from you. Will you provide to this committee any scientific analysis that the FBI has done regarding Dr. Yan’s claims regarding the messages she provided to you, regarding Beijing’s knowledge of the origins of this virus, their military involvement, and even efforts to try to present to the world a fake genome sequence at the beginning of this development?

Wray: I’m happy to see what information we can provide. I will have my staff follow up with yours and see what information we can share.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: If we don’t look at that rooted information, we’re unable to ascertain what differences of opinion are correct and incorrect. But it’s hard to believe that the FBI didn’t believe Dr. Yan was credible or significant because she lands on April 28, your agent, Dana Murphy, takes her phone that day. I’m holding the receipt from where you got the phone that had the WeChat messages that had very important information regarding Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. And it’s not every day that an FBI agent flies from Los Angeles to New York to follow a Chinese doctor who is a whistleblower and a fact witness. And even if Dr. Yan’s technical analysis of the virus is incorrect, the fact that she showed up saying that she wanted to provide information and tell the truth seems significant today. Now, back when Dr. Yan made these pronouncements regarding the Chinese Communist Party, their military involvement, the leak of this virus from the lab, we had a number of people trying to discredit her. Are you able to ascertain whether or not that effort to discredit Dr. Yan is part of the counterintelligence efforts by the Chinese Communist Party?

Wray: Again, I want to be careful both about what information we can provide in general about any kind of ongoing investigation, but also about what form that information would take because in some cases, you may be touching on things that would be classified and that might require a different format. So I certainly understand why you’re asking the questions. Let me commit to you that I will go back with my folks and see what information can be provided and what form it would have to take if we can provide any.

Rep. Matt Gaetz:That would be very nice today. Hold on, Mr. Chairman. You let everybody else go before they recognize it just for unanimous consent.

Chairman: The gentleman’s time has expired.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: You are not treating everyone equally, Mr. Chairman. I mean, you went over by more than a.m. and you kind of went over by forty-five a.m..

Chairman: Time has expired. Mr. Deutsch.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I just want a unanimous consent to make Mr. Chairman.

Chairman: You want unanimous consent for what? Oh, OK. I’m sorry.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Just the U.C. is OK.

Chairman: Go ahead. Go ahead. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record the receipt from the United States Department of Justice, where Dr. Yan’s phone was taken by FBI agent Dana Murphy.

Chairman: That objection. Without objection. The gentleman’s time has expired. Mr. Deutsch?


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