Deciphering CCP’s Virus Research Programs – Preamble

By 22rOn 

Published June 11, 2021

The purpose of this series is to explain the connections between the Chinese Communist Party’s virology research programs since 2005 and the research institutions involved, including those in Hong Kong. All information is sourced from the Internet. The analysis and conclusions presented here reflect author’s own views only.

Below is an excerpt from the original report Disclosure Report on CCP’s Virus Research Programs and Projects, with edits to fit for publication.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak was first revealed to the world by Lude’s live broadcast on 19 January 2020, the worldwide search for the truth about COVID-19 has never stopped.

Based on the public information found in the media propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) and those found from government agency websites, we can see that COVID-19 may have originated from a virus research project entitled Research on Cross-Species Infection and Transmission Mechanism of Major Outbreak of Human-Animal Infections with Animal Origin, which was first launched in 2016.

The project is led by the Institute of Prevention of Viral Infectious Diseases of CDC, in collaboration with the PLA Academy of Military Medical Sciences, along with 17 other research institutions and universities within Mainland China, with Wuhan Institute of Virology being the key research institution behind the project. Funding for the research is supported by a special purpose appropriation from the CCP, along with the funding from Natural Science Foundation of China. Leveraging international collaborations with various research institutions, the CCP carried out a large number of researches such as proteome analysis, reverse genetics, virus recombination and virulence enhancement. Part of the funding also comes from the PLA’s military research projects. This suggests that the Chinese authorities may very well have the motivation and the capability of weaponizing artificially modified viruses.

In addition, the CCP’s virus research activities is not just limited to those research institutions within Mainland China. According to public information from the International Cooperation Department of the National Natural Science Foundation, the CCP has built a large global academic virus research network in the form of international collaborative research projects, and has established close ties with research institutions and researchers in a number of international universities. Among these is the University of Hong Kong’s Bio-Safety Level III laboratory, which serves as a global reference laboratory for the World Health Organization (WHO), with which the CCP might also have close collaborations, in the form of joint research projects from NSF and the Education Grants Committee of Hong Kong, and possibly through the partnership established between Guangzhou Medical University, Shantou University and the University of Hong Kong as well.

In fact, behind COVID-19, the CCP has an even bigger agenda. According to the public information from the project plans such as the 973 Program, the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control program, a sub-program of the Science and Technology Major Projects, and the National Key Research and Development Program,

the CCP has been tackling the complex engineering problems found in the process of weaponization of virus with divide-and-conquer: breaking them down into a large number of “fragmented”, national-level scientific research projects, and assigning them to both military and civilian research institutions, to be completed in a coordinated way with a clear division of work.

The main research focus are the zoonotic pathogens such as coronaviruses, influenza viruses, Ebola viruses, dengue viruses, West Nile viruses, and chikungunyakon viruses, with the goal of identifying and analyzing the characteristics of the viruses, its transmission and evolution mechanisms, virus-host interactions, and the development of effective antiviral drugs.

This indicates that the CCP is possibly in possession of other functionally enhanced viruses that could be used as biological weapons, and that some other viruses may be, or have already been biologically weaponized. All these could potentially pose great threat to the health and safety of all mankind.

Translation: 文花开

Proofread: DT团队 & 文永

Cover photo: GNEWS海报组 晴天

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