[June 9, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[June 9, 2021] Video translation

Hello, esteemed fellow fighters. It’s June 9th. 

I will nevertheless post a Getter quickly because too many fellow fighters feel uncomfortable when they do not hear me on Getter. So, brother-7 should post one. I’ve got something to do soon. I don’t have much time. 

Brothers and sisters, many fellow fighters sent me messages about what happened in Nanjing and Fudan University, and information about Fauci, various universities, and Europe. Brothers and sisters, you remember what I told you after the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment was ended, but maybe you don’t fully understand what a heavy blow the end of this deal was to the CCP. The EU-China Agreement was almost the last hope for the CCP as a counterbalance to the United States. The end of the EU-China Agreement has had a tremendous impact on the CCP. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the EU-China Agreement would never have been stopped if it were not for us. There are many stories behind it. Many people may say that I am bragging, right? I’m bragging. I’m boasting. I’m blowing my mouth off, okay? Fellow fighters, remember that the EU-China agreement is very important.

Regarding what happened in the colleges and universities, do you know the relationship between these events and the EU-China deal? In the past 30 years, the CCP sent talented people for training, mostly in the United States and Europe. The end of the EU-China agreement means the confrontation between Europe and China. Why is there a confrontation between Europe and China? Because of the CCP’s threats, sanctions, crackdowns on Europe, bribing of their officials, the BGY plot, as well as injecting communism. All this has awakened Europeans. 

Just as I revealed to the German government, I told them that if you sign the EU-China agreement, the CCP will definitely require you to make a currency swap, i.e., to swap EUR with RMB. Renminbi is hell money. Moreover, especially related to some technical aspects, particularly Huawei 5G technology that the Germans are optimistic about, the CCP definitely will not agree to your requirements. The data center and technology must remain in China. How about that? Finally, they figured out the risks of doing a deal with the CCP, right?

Now about the schools. Fellow fighters, do you know? Do you know how many schools there are in the US? Such a powerful country with a population of 350 million? There are 4,600 official schools. In fact, how many schools are there in the US? About 7,000 universities. In CCP China, even with a population of 1.4 or 1.1 billion, the People’s Republic of China that wants to lead the world with its “Four Prides”, how many schools are there? Do you know, fellow fighters? The government claims that there are 2,100 universities. How many universities are there, in fact? There are less than 1,000 that actually meet the standard. How many of these 1,000 schools are led by the CCP? Probably 970 universities are 100% controlled by the CCP.

The government of a country should just do three things:

The first is to establish a good legal system and political system. An independent legal system will let the ordinary people protect their personal safety and property safety fairly through laws, on the whole, to achieve essential fairness. Politically, of course, it should be a democratic political system, one person one vote. They should take turns in power. If there is no rotation of power, then it’s like being a banker in a gambling game.  If you keep being the banker, you always win, right? You are sure to be corrupt.

The second is to establish a good media and education system for the country. The education system determines the type of people and society the country will have. The media is there to tell everybody what the truth is. Education and media should be fair. The media can not only supervise the legal system, supervise politics, but also disseminate a variety of good, truthful educational and international information. The education sector also transfers information to the media, and the media monitors politics and the rule of law, right?

The third is to maintain national security and safe society.

That’s it. What does the CCP do?  National defense is used as the CCP’s own bodyguard. A “safe society” in China means that the CCP can beat whomever it wants, but you cannot touch the CCP.  Education is 100% monopolized. You can only tell lies. You cannot tell the truth. The media is completely owned by the CCP. Nothing can be said about the CCP, its stealth, hanky-panky, and sexual affairs. The CCP has the final say regarding the law. The Law is what the CCP says it is, and vice versa. Politically, the CCP is in charge until it’s getting old. Will such a country have a future?

The Fudan University incident involved a CCP official plagiarizing a teacher’s paper and suppressing him, and then the plagiarist became the principal. How similar is this to China’s national conditions. A government that has plagiarized and stolen the power of the Chinese people tells the Chinese people to listen to it. Everything belongs to the CCP. Everything is subject to the CCP, “dearer to the CCP than to papa and mama”. You must let the CCP cultivate your wives, daughters, and sons, and that’s your honor.  That is how you join the party. That’s your promotion. Isn’t this the same? 

Moreover, the CCP wants to enslave the entire population whose power has been stolen and treat the people as slaves. In the past few years, such a state regime went around the world every day to provide solutions for global governance and prescribe remedies for the world’s people to guide the people of the world. What kind of rogue logic is this? Then the CCP went to Europe to point them in the right direction. It has made Mongolians not allowed to speak the Mongolian language anymore. It won’t even leave inner Mongolia alone, and the people are not allowed to speak Mongolian. That’s how scared the CCP is. 

What kind of education do you have? What kind of social justice do you have? What kind of legal system do you have?

Therefore, the EU-China agreement must be stopped. The United States must decouple with CCP China.

What is the name of that “cuckolded Wang”? The ex-husband of Wang Qishan’s lover, that cuckolded General. Didn’t you say that you would attack Taiwan? Why don’t you right now?  The US military planes landed grandly at Taipei Airport. Why don’t you fight? And the US aircraft carrier will soon reach the port of Taiwan. The U.S. Pacific Force will deploy anti-ballistic missiles in Taiwan. 

Remember what I said? The US military will deploy anti-ballistic missiles in Taiwan and deploy cruisers in the middle of the Taiwan Strait over a long period of time to cover Taiwan, deploy TFD and NMD anti-missile systems in Japan and South Korea in Asia. What are you going to do, cuckolded Wang? So, we don’t care whether you are China’s “little CCP fans” or “little cuckold fans.” Open your eyes, my compatriots.

Central Park in New York is a real park, and plants grow under the rain and under daily maintenance.  Parks in Tokyo and London are all real parks. What is the Beijing Olympic Village? The flora in Olympic Village was born out of garbage dumps and chemical fertilizers, and it grew up completely unhealthy. Even if you see the Olympic Park, it is fake. Trees that grow like this are unhealthy and are of no benefit to people. 

Just like the CCP regime, the fake regime, violent regime, robbed regime, and stolen regime, it will never bring a future to the people. Huh, dear, the flying dragon is in heaven. “Dragons” are here, aren’t they? The CCP’s “dragon” is a fly. Only our dragon is the will of the Chinese people.

So, brothers and sisters, think about it. Brother-7 told you these truths. When you initially heard about this, it just flashed by, just like when I said that President Trump would demand the CCP pay 10 trillion US dollars in reparations. I said that it was not enough. It is too little. You all made a fuss when the news came out a week later. Let me tell you again, brother-7 will not say something casually. 

People with great wisdom can tackle tough problems easily. Others try to play petty tricks, try to break the problem into pieces, to crush the problem, only to reach ridiculous solutions. Like those pseudo-pro-democracy bullies, they can lie through their teeth, right? The CCP used to kill the rich and help the poor, but till today the ordinary people have no choice but to lay down. 

A violent reincarnation society that kills thieves, kills stealers, kills dictators, and kills deceivers. This moment has arrived. We do not encourage violence, but we have no ability to stop the violence. CCP China surely is in deep water. And it definitely will become like what my fellow brother said in the Qing Feng Detention Center. The people will be ignited like dry firewood by the hopes of democracy, the rule of law, and the New Federal State of China. These dictatorship perpetrators of the CCP will surely be burned to death by this raging fire. The blood of the heroes of Tiananmen Square will not be lost in vain, and the Chinese people will no longer be pigs and dogs. 

Major events are coming. Just wait and see. You will understand in a few weeks.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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