[Topple CCP] Wang Qishan’s Confidant Indicted as CCP’s Internal Battles Become Fierce

Author: Ermat 【㊙️翻Gnews原创组】

Editor: Shifter

Image: Gnews

According to the Epoch Times report on June 9th, Dong Hong, known as “chief butler” of former Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) Secretary Wang Qishan was indicted on June 9 on charges of accepting bribes.Dong Hong was the “deputy head” of the CCP’s Central Inspection Group.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has been investigating Wang Qishan’s confidant Dong Hong since last October. Dong Hong served as deputy secretary-general of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Government, deputy director of the Central Literature Research Office, and deputy head of the Central Inspection Group. During his tenure, he sought personal gain in some engineering projects and personnel appointments. He received a large amount of unlawful property. He is suspected of committing the crime of “bribery”.

Dong Hong, who is 68 years old, was once secretary to Bo Yibo, the CCP’s patriarch. He later became Wang Qishan’s right-hand man. His indictment, as well as the sentencing of Wang Qishan’s close friend Ren Zhiqiang to prison, marks a fierce struggle within the Communist Party. It seems that Wang Qishan’s power seems to have gone after the change of government. He is only the nominal vice president of the country.

Every change of government in the Communist Party brings a shift in power. The secretary of the CCDI, who once opposed corruption, now has to be careful. Even when his own dog was beaten in front of his face, he had to hide his resentment. He even has to say, “Good beating. In the CCP’s game of power, no one is a winner. For every person, life and death are just a line apart.


受贿数额特别巨大 王岐山大管家董宏被起诉

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Timothy Bair
5 days ago

“Let the ruling communist despots tremble in fear from their own. The free people of China and the world ultimately have nothing to lose but their chains.”