[Headline News] Apple’s New Privacy Protection Feature Will Not be Available in China Mainland for Regulatory Reasons

Author: MOS Fitness Group Wenzhen

Apple Inc. announced on June 7th that its new privacy protection service “private relay,” which aims to hide users’ web browsing behavior from web service providers and advertisers, will not be available in China Mainland due to Internet regulations by the Chinese Communist Party. 

The feature is one of a series of privacy protections announced by Apple at the company’s annual software development conference on Monday. With the “private relay” feature, users’ web access data is first sent to a server maintained by Apple, where the IP address is stripped. After this step, Apple sends the access data with the IP address hidden to a second server maintained by a third-party carrier, which assigns a temporary IP address and sends the access data to the target site. Apple claims that the use of a third party during the second hop in the data relay system was purposely arranged by design to ensure that even Apple would not know the identity of the user and the site he or she was visiting.

Apple’s move to abandon the privacy of Chinese users is not the first time that Apple has bowed to the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party passed a cybersecurity law in 2016 that comprehensively monitors web data and restricts freedom of speech online. The law prohibits foreign companies, such as Apple, from taking personal data collected in the mainland out of the country. This law directly led to Apple setting up two data centers in Guizhou and Inner Mongolia, which are actually operated by the CCP, to store personal data of Chinese customers.

As part of the CCP’s comprehensive surveillance system, monitoring IP addresses can be used to keep track of a user’s online history and locate the user’s geographic location. Using combined technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, and face recognition, anyone can be located and tracked in a very short period of time. How can we talk about privacy when there are no human rights in Communist China at all? Any design by Apple trying to protect users’ personal information and privacy will definitely not work in Communist China.




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