Another Lie of the CCP Is Exposed – the Population of China Is 1.1 Billion, Not 1.4 Billion!

In the June 8, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo exposed another lie of the CCP’s – China’s current population is not 1.4 billion, rather it is 1.1 billion or maybe less. Together with the aging problem and the extremely low birth rate due to the oppression of the CCP on young people, it’s impossible for communist China to have any “fighting power” as it has claimed. 

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Through a certain country’s government, I came to know this. They said, “Mr. Guo, you said the population of China is 1.1 billion. So amazing!  What you said is 100% true.” 

Why? Do you know?  Nine years ago, the China census showed that the real population was 1.25 billion. Now the CCP boasted 1.4 billion. Based on a pre-count five years ago, the population was below 1.2 billion already, about 1.15 billion or so.  Now it’s only about 1.1 billion, maybe even less than that. 

China’s population is aging rapidly, and I, your Brother Miles said in 2017 that communist China could not become an empire under any circumstances. The foremost reason is its population and land. The so-called “China’s land is large and abundant” is nonsense. The land is neither large nor abundant.  It is among the countries with the least amount of land per capita considering the total population. One third of the land is unusable, and resources are scarce. Now the situation is so bad, the population is so large, and the average age will quickly go from 48 years old to 58 years old. When it is 68 years old, where is the fighting power?

Now it is not just about “lying flat” (i.e., doing nothing). But we are also “sewing up” our genitals directly. The CCP practices “karmamudrā” but prohibits us from having sex, getting married, or having children. Well, we won’t then, right? So men are impotence, and women are ligated – this is worse than lying flat. I told you about a survey the CCP did some time back. Between 38% to 45% of Chinese men and women around 38 years old had no sexual life, no desire, no environment, no circumstances.  All our sex life is “represented” by those bastards in the Zhongnan Pit.  

How can people have children in a nation or a country where 30% to 40% of young people do not have sex?  For people with debts that can only be paid off in 100 or 200 years with their low salaries, how will they be able to have children? How can they raise their children? 

That’s why there are complaints everywhere. Only we know the real numbers. The banks are on the verge of collapse. People have no way to make a living. We can see that Hong Kong is already hopeless. Can mainland China become Hong Kong?  It is impossible!  All the young people know they have no hope, no future. The country is rapidly aging, going from extreme disappointment towards extreme despair. There is no future to look forward to except the NFSC.

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