[Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step-by-Step Tweets Show the Truth About the CCP Virus—35th in Series

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Dr. Sellin’s six consecutive Tweets on June 3rd, 2021:

Dr. Sellin continues to work day in and day out to uncover the truth about the COVID-19 virus, and to move the truth forward under the world spotlight. He was constantly interviewed by various media, and continued to elaborate on the Fauci emails, function acquisition research, the CCP’s biological weapons, Covid-19, the PLA’s full penetration into the U.S. biological laboratory, the Pentagon’s Department of Defense and University’s Virus Research Center, and how Fauci led the American scientific community to cover up the truth about the Covid-19 laboratory origin. 

As Dr. Yan said, the massive contents of the Fauci emails disclosed support the view that Dr. Yan has always insisted upon: Covid-19 is a kind of overrun biological weapon, which is the irrefutable proof that Fauci covers up the truth of the virus! As a result of Dr. Yan’s courage in revealing the true lab origin of Covid-19 and the nature of biological weapons, and her immortal contribution to saving human from being destroyed by the CCP virus,  Dr. Selling proposed to nominate Dr. Yan as a Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

Researchers at PLA Southern Medical University knew as early as February 2020, right in the beginning of epidemic, that COVID-19 could not have evolved from RaTG13, but that there was a clear pathway of evolution from the Zhoushan bat virus ZC45. However, CCP scientists such as Zhengli Shi, “Batgirl,” insisted that RaTG13 was the origin of COVID-19 from “Yunnan Cave.”

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