[Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step- by -Step Tweets Show the Truth of the CCP Virus–33rd in Series

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On May 31st, Dr. Lawrence Sellin posted six consecutive Tweets.

The first Tweet includes a Retweet of Anna. Two screenshots were attached. One is an article, “A reminder for new comrades: Beware of adenovirus attack,” published on China Military Network on January 14th, 2016. The other is jointly published by Wang Changjun and others in March 2019, “Epidemiological Analysis of a Respiratory Adenovirus Outbreak,” on page 7 of the “Journal of Preventive Medicine of the People’s Liberation Army,” Volume 37, Issue 3. This discovery by detective Anna connects the people’s Liberation Army (PLA) officer Wang Changjun to the spread of an asymptomatic virus, a key feature of bioweapons. 

The second Tweet includes a Retweet of LUREN, which says in Chinese, “as early as February 12th, 2020, the virus alerted the public. After the Whistleblower, Lude Media broke the news on January 19th, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was panicking, and had to disclose the human-to-human transmission nature of the virus on the news.  At the same time, the  CCP immediately organized unrestricted misinformation warfare. Two people were the first to cooperate with the CCP to cover up the truth. There is evidence shown from their emails, either the initial request of the EMI editor, or the efforts of getting people to co-sign. But why didn’t Barrick want to put his name on it? Photos of Shan-lu Liu and Lishan Su were attached, as well as the email screenshot between Lishan Su and Barrick on February 12th, 2020, discussing joint publication of an article to cover up for the CCP. Detective LUREN revealed that even at the early stage of the pandemic, there was coordination between the CCP and the scientists in an attempt to cover up the true origin of the virus.  

The third Tweet includes a Retweet of LUREN, which says in Chinese, “Shanli Liu said that he returns to China almost every year. Lishan Su also was reported on giving many lectures in China. Many of their projects were funded by the CCP and even the PLA. They were the first jumping out to cover up for the CCP. Is their motive truly and simply for scientific purposes?” Two screenshots were attached. One is an article entitled, “Scientists found that type I interferon is an accomplice of HIV treatment,” posted on the website of the CCP State Council on December 24th, 2016. Another article published on August 3rd, 2018 was entitled, “A Zika virus vaccine expressing the NS1 polyprotein of the pre-membrane envelope.” COVID-19 detective LUREN is absolutely correct. Shanlu Liu, Lishan Su, and Peiyong Shi holding U.S. taxpayers’ money, while secretly collaborating with the CCP must all be investigated. 

The fourth of Dr. Sellin’s Tweets is in Chinese, “We tell the Chinese Communist Party!” (with a picture of Churchill’s famous quote:)  “We shall never surrender.”

The fifth Tweet includes a Retweet of an article by Joe Hoft just published today on The Gateway Pundit, “Exclusive report: In 2016, a PLA officer who played a key role in the origin of COVID-19 described the map of the spread of the virus in the United States.”

The sixth Tweet is Dr. Sellin’s in-depth interview with Vivek Sinha, the founder and editor-in-chief of Indian news media “News Intervention,” entitled, “COVID-19 is part of the CCP’s biological warfare plan.” Dr. Sellin called COVID-19 the PLA virus for the first time during the interview. 


In early 2020 during the world pandemic, these scientists working in the U.S. and supported by U.S. taxpayers, including Professor Shanlu Liu of Ohio State University, Professor Lishan Su of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Professor Linda Saif, a colleague of Ohio State University, and Professor Susan Weiss of the University of Pennsylvania, were the first to cooperate with the CCP to cover up the truth. They prepared an article, “There is no credible evidence to support the laboratory origin of SARS-CoV-2,” as early as February 12th, 2020. Lishan Su wrote a letter to his colleague at the University of North Carolina, the “gain of function“ Professor Barrick, in an attempt to persuade him to co-author this article so as to significantly increase the credibility of the article. The article was submitted and published on the 13th. This shows the effectiveness of Pro-CCP scientists in covering up the truth of the virus origin, and shows the depth of the CCP’s penetration in the American scientific community.  

PLA officer Wang Changjun is a key figure in the development of PLA biological warfare. He successfully isolated the ZC45/ZXC21 bat virus, the backbone of the bioweapon virus COVID-19, and what is more, as early as in 2016, he studied and described the future spread of the virus in the United States. 

Dr. Sellin frequently conveyed the truth of the SAR CoV 2 virus to the U.S. strategic allies in Asia and India, where they were hit hard by the pandemic. The United States is getting closer and closer to the truth of the CCP-PLA virus. The global allies are being intensively assembled to hold the CCP accountable. By quoting the famous saying that Churchill often used to encourage soldiers during World War II, Dr. Sellin is calling the world to confront the evil CCP regime for their bioweapon attack against the whole world. 

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