Dr.Richard Fleming Section of Canadian Political Life Show No.16 June 7,2021

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Dr. Richard Fleming has made available on the internet the documentation of over 30 years of medical practice, which includes results and clinical trial data on the CCP virus. This is a very good scientific and simple teaching material. It is touching that he has taken his research and selflessly given it to the world. The important point is that all his data are from real clinical data. He derived experimental data from the whole 1800 patients infected with the CCP virus, gave many treatments and saved many patients. He had a 97% success rate in saving lives, the most important drug being hydroxychloroquine. This doctor revealed the truth about the New Coronavirus like an angel. He made a huge contribution to mankind by bravely speaking out with a lot of data.

The chart shows that his patients are located in 7 countries and that he used various drugs to treat his patients with the CCP virus. We can find out the drugs for the CCP virus. Dr. Fleming said that the CCP virus is not a terrible disease and that once we know how to prevent it and treat it at an early stage, death can be avoided. Another picture shows that the CCP virus is most likely to cause blood clots in patients, which can occur in the legs, the heart and the brain. The black clot is a blood clot.

The doctor also contributed a table of medications for the treatment of the CCP virus. Almost 100% of the symptoms were treated with his method for 3-4 days. Almost all of his protocols use hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The main mechanism of his control is to keep the thrombus from forming. Inflammation can form clots, and if you can control the inflammation in all organs you can control the CCP virus.

In his presentation, he also provided various aspects of prevention of the CCP virus in 5 ways.

The first one is the application of prescription drugs. There are hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin, interferon and extensive use of hormonal therapies, etc. Another one he emphasized must improve the autoimmune system. He said don’t just use these drugs, we have our own immunity against viruses. Usually children with fever can heal themselves by drinking chicken soup, sleeping and taking a hot bath. Fever may produce immune virus in the child. Self-generated antibodies can fight against the production of thrombosis, avoid inflammation and allow itself to go to produce immune antibodies to the CCP virus. He strongly denied what many people say that there is no cure for the CCP virus. He said that you don’t have to die if you get the virus, we have a cure. We have the medicine and the actual clinical data to show you. He gave us ways to immune antibodies, such as eating more fruits with folic acid, supplementing with magnesium, calcium, zinc and anti-thrombotic vitamin C.

He also mentioned the respiratory system. He used nebulizer therapy to prevent respiratory infections and asthma medication in the clinical setting. He used intubation to replace the patient’s breathing in severe cases where he could not breathe. To replace breathing with a machine is to allow the machine to apply pressure to the cells and blood vessels of the body and to oxygenate the nerve endings. Usually intubation is done for about 2 weeks. Once the patient regains oxygenation, there is no need for further intubation.

Dr. Fleming has put the most profound truths into the simplest language and words. His medical approach is shared around the world. Other ways to boost your immune system are exercise and dietary supplements. It is often said that you are what you eat. Eating a healthy diet coupled with adequate sleep can boost the immune system.

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