Canadian Political Life Show No. 16 June 7, 2021

Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 平民正道

A brief news report of the week

1: Today there are 194 new cases in Quebec in a single day, 15 more than yesterday, which is the second consecutive day with less than 200 new cases. The cumulative number of cases now stands at: 371,960, of which 358,221 have recovered. The number of deaths is: 11,152

2: The number of people vaccinated in Quebec yesterday was 66,590, and the total number of vaccinations reached 6,153,771 doses, which is 66% of the total number of vaccinations, with 6,518,159 doses still waiting to be administered.

3: Today, Monday the 7th, all red epidemic alerts in Quebec are lifted as of today! The cities of Montreal and Laval have also been lowered from red to orange. Dine-in meals will resume and secondary school students will return to school as normal.

4: Environment Canada has issued a heat advisory for the Montreal region. Highs will exceed 30 degrees today and tomorrow, with body temperatures reaching 40 degrees, and will not subside until Wednesday, so everyone should take precautions to protect themselves from the heat. Try not to go outside.

Thoughts on the First Anniversary Celebration of the New Federal State of China

Recalling when I first joined the New Federal State of China, it was like a dream with no direction. By watching the 6.4 celebration, we feel that our dreams are becoming real. Seeing our great comrades-in-arms in the past year is a great encouragement to each of us. Seeing Dr. Yan, Mr. Guo and politicians in the world, I feel that our country – the New Federal State of China is taking shape.

CCP virus and Vaccine Miscellany

Dr. Mo’s wife said on January 29 last year that hydroxychloroquine can treat the CCP virus, and after Dr. Yan’s strong recommendation, many doctors in the United States have used this medicine to save many people.

Wearing a mask will not affect the immune system. But don’t do large amounts of exercise while wearing a mask. The gap in the mask is too late to get rid of the carbon monoxide exhaled from the mouth, which is medically called carbon monoxide poisoning. It is not recommended to wear a mask for running, cycling, etc. It is necessary to wear a mask when going to crowded places.

To prevent the formation of thrombus, use the method of Dr. Yan Li-meng to take hydroxychloroquine. Start eating continuously for 15 days, 200 mg per day. Take 25 to 50 mg of zinc and calcium at the same time.

How can we ask the family doctor to prescribe drugs for us? You can try to tell the doctor that rheumatoid arthritis is very painful. It is very useful to take this medicine when you are in China. Some doctors will prescribe, some will not. This is a real example of a friend of Madam YISHAN.

Dr. Fleming said it is not difficult to find the truth, it is rare that they are willing to find it. The big names in the medical field such as Fauci are all be BGYed, intertwined with each other for power and benefit. It show us the ugly side, there is no bottom line. Pseudoscience, pseudopolitics, and science have all lost their authenticity.

The doctors and nurses of Madam JACKIE’s unit have no knowledge of the virus. They all said they were vaccinated. There are also nurses who disagree with their family members for vaccinations. Madam YISHAN said that a nurse told her father not to get a vaccine, and that hydroxychloroquine could be used to treat the CCP virus.

During the pandemic, many routine patients cannot see the doctor normally. If you feel unwell, you must contact your family doctor in time and they will help you to check. For example, I told the doctor that I had a sudden chest pain in the past two days and I couldn’t breathe, and my chest looked like an elephant pressed down, and the doctor would immediately have an examination with you. It is recommended that people over 40, even if they are very healthy, have a checkup every 2 years. When asked about the pain index of 1-10, say it is above 8.5, or else no one cares. Usually the hospital has to queue for a year to half a year for a formal examination. As long as there is no life-threatening situation, all diseases are now pushed back. We can call the hospital and say to put me on the waiting list, I can come anytime. Some people originally arranged for the operation. Due to the shortage of hospital staff during the pandemic, the operation time of the patient was pushed back and forth, and the patient disappeared after 3 times.

The CCP wanted to dominate the world, and it had planned for it as early as its entry into the WTO. They made various plans for the political, scientific, and literary circles of all countries in the world. Many people do not believe that the virus was released by the CCP. We must spread the truth about the virus and whistler blower movement, and separate the Chinese from the CCP.

The vulgar vulgarity that can’t do big things without telling lies is popular in China. People born in the 1950’s and 1960’s have studied “Chairman Mao’s Quotations” from an early age, asking for instructions early and reporting later. People in the country have Chairman Mao’s statues hanging on their cars to ward off evil spirits, and treat them as gods. There is no sense of trust between relatives. Comparing each other in the family, you are better than me, and I must be better than you. I want to dig your corner and kidnap you morally. Provoking discord, chickens and dogs restless. There is no sense of family in losing faith.

President Trump and his wife have contracted the virus, Mayor Giuliani has contracted the virus, and President Trump’s spokesperson has also contracted the virus. Fauci was not infected. These questions will be answered in the future.

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