Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Speech at the First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China

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On 4 June 2021, Dr. Li-Meng Yan gave a very energetic and fascinating speech at the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China. She told us how the Chinese Communist Party covered up and lied to the whole world about COVID-19 and showed us the ins and outs of the virus. She warned the whole world that if the Chinese Communist Party is not eliminated, our entire mankind will lose our future, our next generation,  our security,  and everything in between. I believe this wonderful speech is not to be missed by every one of you.

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Here is the full speech.

I am so happy tonight we can gather here celebrating the first year anniversary of our New Federal State of China. It is not just an event for an anniversary, actually for our Chinese people. We know how tough, how difficult. We have to overcome numerous difficulties. We face life threats and finally, we can push the Whistleblow Moment and we can make China(CCP) government, the Chinese Communist Party, and even the Chinese Military scared of us because we reveal the truth to the world which they want to block, which they want to suppress, and which they want to cover up and even take over the word.

We, Chinese people, are smart, we Chinese people work hard, we Chinese people are very honest, we are the good people. But China (CCP) government tries to tell the world we are someone who are not honest, we are someone cunning, and we are someone rude and we are someone who can not get along very well with the western civilization.

No. Now we use our actions to tell people they are wrong. And we are going to remove this Chinese Communist Party regime and its Communism etiology. We will tell the world we Chinese people can work very well with the western people, with the western culture, with the western civilization and also combine with our virtues from our Chinese culture.

We won’t tell the world that we are brave people, we use our actions to show the world we dare to stand out. And now we dare to tell the world the truth, especially during a historical pandemic. We tell the world that the virus, COVID-19 virus, comes from the lab in Wuhan. It was created by the Chinese Communist Party regime and also China (CCP) military scientists together with their colleagues overseas and then got alone with scientific misinformation campaign internationally involved Dr, Fauci, CDC in U.S., Lancet, Nature magazine, WHO. Even yesterday, the NIH director Francis Collins was talking on FOX News, said he still thinks bioweapon is a conspiracy, he still thinks that is from some nature virus, maybe somehow the bat flies into the lab and then jump out, so still that is nothing about Chinese (CCP) unrestricted bioweapon. He still called that “conspiracy”.  Now even the emails revealed that what I told Mr. Lude and what Mr. Lude delivered to the world, what our Whistleblow Moment people try to tell the world from last January that these are the people who work with the Chinese Communist Party. They are using misinformation, using lies, and denials.  They try to cover up the fact that China (CCP) government spend years, spend money, and try to look for good materials. Later they are successful and then they make the novel nontraditional bioweapon and then later they intentionally released it out of the lab in Wuhan to the innocent people, make them become the first victims in the world. 

And because I revealed it from 19, Jan. 2020, because Mr. Lude dared to talk about it through his Youtube Chanel, he faced big risks, and then China (CCP) government scared, so China (CCP) government immediately changed their plans. So they had to admit human to human transmission, they had to tell people — yes, there are more and more cases happened already, and they had to finally lock down Wuhan in a very inhuman way.  But at the same time, they deliberately took the advantage of this outbreak and spread the virus to the world, and then told people “this is just the flu”. 

And then, they told people what? They brought out the PPE from the U.S., from other countries, and then they knew hydroxychloroquine works because we, Dr. Mo, Mr. Lude, and me, told the world from Jan. 29, 2020, that there are drugs for the COVID-19 virus, efficient, safe drugs which we have used for many many years. WHO said that is one of the safest drugs in the world, Hydroxychloroquine.

China (CCP) government then 4 days later, China (CCP) Military applied the patent said that hydroxychloroquine can be used for the new purpose as treat COVID-19. But then, they didn’t tell the west, and even later when president Trump at that time told the world that hydroxychloroquine can protect you, what happened? Dr. Fauci in his email said he was happy to see some doctors try to discriminate against President Trump’s words and then they used fake data together finally to suppress hydroxychloroquine.

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There are brave doctors in the world, there are brave scientists in the world, there are brave nurses in the world. In another email from Dr. Fauci’s emails, we see one Haerbin nurse, a young nurse in China in mid-Feb. 2020 tried to tell some truth to NIH and they tried to alarm the world that even last February China government is covering up the death cases and they didn’t ask people to get treated properly. But what? Fauci shared it with other people and later we heard that something may happen to the nurse. Our intelligence shows which we can not confirm but we know this news was not reviewed by Dr. Fauci and he pretends he knew nothing and then he worked with China (CCP) government, he worked with other peoples on his side. They criticized President Trump with the Chinese Communist Party. They said your U.S. people, your democracy is actually something failed, you should learn from the dictatorship, like the Chinese Communist Party. That is why our “Winnie (Pooh) Bear”, our Chairman Xi said: We are celebrating the anti-COVID trophy, you should learn from us, you should praise us. That is what we read from the top medical journal like Lancet, like Nature, like Science. Yes, they work with them altogether. So, all these things actually I kept delivery through Mr. Lude’s Youtube Chanel from January until the end of April in Chinese. But somehow also at that time, we have our great friends like Mr. Bannon, Mr. Bill Gertz, and many other people like Dr. Navarro. We have our brave friends. They know this intelligence. They tried to deliver it to the U.S people, too, and also they face a lot of criticism from mainstream media, from Dr. Fauci, from NIC, from all these people. So, what I want to tell you now that this is just a little bit that happened on the way when we tried to expose the fact of COVID-19 to people. It is very hard.

I faced a life threat. My family is under strict surveillance. It is almost like staying in a prison in China. I have to cut off my connections with them. And I know many people like President Trump, Mr. Bannon, like Mr. Bill Gertz, like our good friend Mayor Rudi, and when they talked about the CCP virus, they also faced criticism. People thought they are nuts and also, of course, I am nuts, some pants on fire, all the things. All the people like Tucker, and other media in India, in Spanish, in Italy, when they tried to interview me, they got the threats and some of them had to stop their interview. That’s why although we tried a lot still not a voice can awfully meet it. 

But now, I am so happy because after one year’s effort, together with all of the people here, and even more, people who can not be here, but they are working online, offline, volunteered, even take life risks. Like our Chinese people, when we do these, we definitely take life risks. But we see something come. Now, western people start to realize: oh, the Chinese (CCP) government is crazy and evil. They always ask me, “why is a country do this to their citizen? No. We can not believe it. ” One big Doctor talked to me, we met in DC before last year. He is a good friend of Dr. Fauci, he said he can not accept my reports just because he doesn’t understand the motive of the Chinese Communist Party. But I said that is common sense that if people have common sense, he should know you always ask the killer why he kills people, you don’t ask the victim, right? No one can explain it as well as the killer himself. 

So now we say,  yes, we reach a very good stage now. Many people tell me that we are winning. And suddenly, over one night, people turned to me said, “Woo, you are right!” And I said, “Yeah, I know I am right.” They said, “Oh, it’s your turn.” I said, “Oh, no, no, no, my turn is still later, because you now just know it comes from Wuhan. Most of the people still not realize that is from the Chinese (CCP) Military. And still, they are cheated by the Bat-woman in Wuhan’s fake father of the virus.”

Yes, she made the fake virus, they called it RATG13. They said it was from East China, one bat cave, they search it, and somehow it goes to the lab, and somehow because some common accidents how we happened in a lab and jump out with mistakes. No, it is not, and let me tell you why.

The COVID-19 virus you can consider as a son.  So, the real father is a PLA. The Peoples Liberation Army scientist found in 2017 from East China, a special unique virus only owned by the Military. So that’s why the U.S. cannot make such COVID-19 because they don’t have these materials unless people in the Chinese (CCP) army try to use them to do this. So, PLA people, get it. This is the real father. Base on the real father, they modified, they added many many functions, not only one in this virus.  I presented my scientific and intelligent evidence in my three published reports. And we will present more.

 But when I and Mr. Lude revealed the real backbone from the military on Jan. 19, 2020, China (CCP) government was scared, said “no.” At that time, more scientists carefully checked the genome of the virus, like check the fingerprint, they will see the problem. And they (CCP) worried that more scientists will come out to talk about the lab’s origin. So, the next day when we reviewed it, bat-woman threw out the fake father — the one RATG13, they said that is a fake father. It looks more similar to the son, more similar than the real father. And then, based on that, they started to make up the nature origin theory. They even make a family with fake uncle, fake anti, or fake grandpa, or fake virus. And then, they blamed innocent animals, like the pangolin, raccoon dog, bamboo rat, and Bala Bala, all these things. I mean, I learned a lot of animals’ names last year because the Chinese (CCP) government blamed them. Poor animals. I can tell you, from the very beginning I told Mr. Lude that the only intermediate host is the Chinese Communist Party. Without that, there is no COVID-19 virus.

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So, we still need people to know that we need all of you to work together, we need to let the world (that can let them) know more about this virus. Because if they just focus on Wuhan, one lab, just focus on bat-woman, they thought maybe just shut down that lab, they can solve this pandemic. China can pay some money as punishment.

No. This is involved many many labs, even the overseas labs, like my lab, WHO reference lab in the University of HongKong conducted by the top coronal virologists, professor Malik Peiris, my boss, yes, also they are involved, and the military labs and military-civil fusion labs, and also like New York Blood Centre, I think it is not far away from here. There are military scientists from China working there. They are working on the S protein of the COVID-19. They are the one leave their smoking-gun in the genome of COVID-19 which I revealed it half a year ago in my reports.

So if you don’t realize that, you will let them go. They will keep working on that.

I am a virologist. I worked in the top virology lab in the world for over 5 years, and my husband is also the top coronal virus expert, although now he is working with China (CCP) government, and my supervisors are all the WHO co-experts. I can tell you that, in a lab to produce viruses, never only one type. And China (CCP), from at least 2010, conducted by China (CCP) CDC hard George Fu Gao, they tried to search the new animal virus all over China, not only a coronal virus, but also Dengue, Sista, Ebola, West Nile virus, and Hantavirus, all the dangerous virus, especially they want to search something that can make your brain damage, which now we see in COVID-19, there are 1/3 of people after infection, they get brain problems, we need to solve it.

So now, I stay here, stand here, we are celebrating the things, and we are celebrating Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society Foundation. They helped me, saved me from Hong Kong, and I can stay here, and tell people I am still surviving.

What I want to call for is we need to spread the truth all over the world. We need to let the government, let the scientists, let the doctors, let everyone understand what happened to us.

Yes, we are in unrestricted biological warfare. “Unrestricted,” I defined it because it is out of restriction. That means China (CCP) uses many many ways to conduct it. The only purpose is to destroy your economy, destroy your social order, destroy your civilization. Finally, let you all controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. At that time, remember I am a Chinese,  I tell you, at that time,  it is late, it is late for all of us — no future, no next generation, no security, nothing else.

I think we are run out of time. So, I will pass the time to our next honor guest and I will keep fighting until the last minute. The last-minute for me, or for the Chinese Communist Party.

I appreciate everyone here. Without your effort, we can never do this.

China (CCP) tries to disappear us, not only from physics but also to silent us. Once you are treated as nuts, you are treated as liars, once they ruin your reputations, your words can not be heard, that is also another type of silence. So, we need to fight and stand out bravely, and tell people: You (CCP) cannot win! We are winning.

One more word: No vaccine passport! We need safe vaccines, and vaccines cannot overcome biowarfare.


First Anniversary of New Federal State of China (9:35:00-9:54:00)

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