【G Times】When the asymptomatic infections got on the airplane with their vaccine passports

Author/Picture Design: Giselle       Translator: Una

Several contradictory points existed during the outbreak of the pandemic in Guangzhou:

1. On May 31, Guangzhou City held a press conference and the deputy mayor Li Ming said that the current protecting and controlling strategy for the virus was testing the nucleic acid and stopping vaccination.

It was not reasonable for the authorities to stop the vaccination when the pandemic broke out. If the vaccine is indeed effective, the authorities should increase vaccination instead of stopping it.

2. More than 100 cases was infected according to the official report of Guangzhou, which proportion is quite low as a metropolis with the population of 15.3 million. However, the response of local authorities was “extraordinarily intense”. On the one hand, mobile cabin hospitals have been built in the community. On the other hand, 5,600 medical staff were transferred from the other cities for backing.

Guangzhou city itself has 177,800 doctors and nurses, with the registered nurses of 82,500. So many doctors and nurses can’t handle the more than 100 cases of infection?

3. According to the official data of Guangdong province, the vaccinated rates all exceed 70% of the target population aged 18~59 in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan cites.

According to the previous official propaganda, the vaccinated rate has reached the threshold of the herd immunity. Why herd immunity does not work, but the government officials seem like facing a big enemy?

Based on the above analysis, it can be reasonably speculated:

1. Large-scale vaccination has induced the large-scale virus infection disaster. The infection and death data are far more than those officially reported in Guangzhou city.

2. The large-scale vaccination probably have caused large-scale asymptomatic infections, the government therefore requires nucleic acid testing throughout the city to find them.

Currently some countries are still promoting vaccine passports. Assuming that these asymptomatic infected people who have been vaccinated and then flew to all parts of the world, how will these countries respond?

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