The Taiwan Government Officials Need to Be Held Accountable for the Crime of Demanding CCP Virus Vaccine in Taiwan

From:Mirror media

“Taiwan receive 410,400 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and the rollout of the vaccine start on May 20. It is estimated 150,000 doses will be distributed for first-line medical and epidemic control personnel across the nation.” the health minister Chen Shizhong said at a CECC news briefing on May 19.

It is a move met with widespread dismay. Every medical personnel in first line is obliged to have the experimental vaccine in Taiwan. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je demanded the first-line medical personnel who were reluctant to be vaccinated on May 20, saying: ”you have no choice but to get vaccinated.” “In view of the fast spreading pandemic, the government should purchase more vaccines.” Ko, a physician-turned-politician, urges the central government with his arrogance. He has been the source of some of the most damaging misinformation about the CCP virus. On May 21, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai issued a similar order for medical staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Before mass vaccination in Taiwan, the officials in Taiwan government should answer these questions :

1.Is the CCP virus a bioweapon?

2.Is there an overemphasis on the effect of the CCP virus vaccine ?

3.Why do the government officials in Taiwan neglect the early treatment of the early 

stage of CCP virus, such as hydroxycholoquine, Ivomectin, vitamin D and Zinc?

4.Is there any correlation between mass vaccination and the global financial


5.What about the lethal ADE effect of the CCP virus vaccine?  

6.Is it dangerous to have mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic?

Anti-CCP movement has been the mission of all Taiwanese for decades, not to mention the Taiwan government officials. It is well known that the CCP virus is a bioweapon from the WIV laboratory, as proven by Dr. Limeng Yan’s scientific reports. Taiwan is now in the midst of a war with the CCP. How can the Taiwan government officials ignore these facts?

The most serious scientific question is whether the virus has been genetically edited. Unfortunately, Dr. Limeng Yan’s scientific reports proved this to be true. Any vaccine based on this bioweapon is dangerous and harmful to the human body. The officials in Taiwan government are loose with the facts and must be charged with war crimes at the International Criminal Court for knowingly or unknowingly killing so many people.

None of the vaccines have undergone clinical testing for more than a few months, which is far too short to determine safety and efficacy. A group of scientists and doctors asked the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to withdraw the vaccines’ authorization on March 1.They warned of possible autoimmune reactions including blood clotting abnormalities, stroke and internal bleeding in the brain, spinal cord and heart. It stated: “The approval of the CCP vaccines by the EMA was premature and reckless, and that the administration of the vaccines constituted and still does constitute ‘human experimentation’, which is still in violation of the Nuremberg Code.” 

The officials in Taiwan government including the mayors in Taipei and Kaohsiung should be made aware that they may be violating the human right by applying medical products that are still in phase 3 studies. Of course, they must inform people in Taiwan that vaccination is NOT mandatory and ensure that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to become vaccinated. The officials are further required to ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having the vaccine. They should make it mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to publish and disclose all ingredients and side effects as well.

“I strongly advise people not to get the shot of CCP virus vaccine due to lethal blood clots. People will commit a crime if they have children vaccinated with CCP virus vaccine.” said Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi, a retired microbiologist. He also claimed that the pandemic was “fake” and CCP virus vaccines were going to decimate the world’s population.

It is obvious that experimental CCP virus vaccine is not effective in prevention, but is lethal to human body. Certainly, the CCP virus vaccine is not intended as a treatment at all. There are several drugs, including HCQ, Ivermectin, Doxycycline or Azithromyc, which are proven to be enormously successful against the CCP virus. ”I had over 60 million tablets of hydroxychloroquine. It was enough to treat 5 millions of Americans and save 20000 to 40000 lives. I could not give that to the American people because of people like Tony Fauci”, said Peter Navarro, the former Assistant to the President Trump. Dr. Limeng Yan, a top coronavirus expert from the P3 laboratory who escaped from Hong Kong, strongly recommended hydroxychloroquine plus zinc as the first treatment for CCP virus. Chinese medicine recipe NRICM101 was also shown to be effective in the early stage of CCP virus infection in Taiwan.

In short, the people of Taiwan are entitled to the knowledge of how to deal with this pandemic. They have the right to know the chemical and metal compositions of the vaccines and the effects on their health instead of having content filtered or censored in the name of public health. All information about pandemics, vaccines and CCP virus has to be open and transparent in Taiwan.

It seems apparent that the Big Technology companies have become more powerful than nation-states in influencing decision making of government officials in pandemic. The erosion of civil liberties in Taiwan is already at everybody’s doorstep. It’s time to arise and speak up whilst people in Taiwan still can and push back the forces of evil. 

Nothing corrodes the public’s trust in medical specialists more than this at the height of the pandemic. Health is a human right. Taiwan government officials and the mayors of Taipei and Kaohsiung have violated human rights on a large scale. To demand justice and appropriate punishment should be the first priority after the pandemic. When politicians make public health political in nature, instead of being driven by health and medical considerations, people will choose sides and abandon them.

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