Xitler Has Become the Emperor of China


Mr. Lu De and his guests discuss the insane essay questions from Communist China’s National College Entrance Examination A.K.A. Gaokao.

  • Chinese education is for training the Chinese people served well to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • Education in China now is designed to train servants who will serve the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) better. The high scoring essays from Gaokao are full of lies for praising the CCP and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Communist China’s state media now is saying as the U.S. exits, China has taken on its role in Afghanistan. And its “constructive engagement” is welcomed in Afghanistan.

  • Afghanistan is located in an area completely surrounded by all of the CCP’s allies.
  • This article believes the CCP can now infiltrate Afghanistan without obstacles.
  • The CCP thinks it can now infiltrate Afghanistan without hindrance.  And this article can’t wait to spread the news to Xi Jinping and the whole country.
  • The U.S. withdrew its troops because it recognized that the CCP is the root of all evil, and only destroying them is the key to solving all problems.
  • This is just another excellent example of an “ass-kissing” report written by a CCP mouthpiece.

Embassy of Italy in China has immediately corrected some Chinese media reports, saying the Italian Prime Minister never said that the COVID outbreak first occurred in Italy six months earlier than in China.

Communist China has only itself to blame for a global backlash against its policies, the White House’s top official for Asia Kurt M. Campbell said at an event hosted by the Center for a New American Security.  Then he added there is a “smaller and smaller group” of people who help shepherd Xi Jinping’s decision-making. 

  • Campbell was appointed White House  “Asia Tsar” on the first day of the Biden administration.
  • People around Xi Jinping prevented him from hearing the real voices outside. Those CCP media are not only the CCP’s brainwashing tools for the Chinese people, but also, they are producing the spiritual opium that Xi and his clique need.
  • Xi wants to have all the best of Wu Sangui, Yuan Shikai, and Mao Zedong, thus making him the sole leader of China.
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