[June 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[June 8, 2021] Video translation

It is June 8th. Greetings, Dear fellow fighters. Oh, the lapel part of my suite has a little bit of dirt here.  

I finished testifying in front of an Asian country last night and didn’t go to bed until after 5 am.  I slept for an hour before testifying and lay down to sleep for more than two hours after testifying. Now I am getting ready for the next hearing.  Fellow fighters, I have got many feelings and deep thoughts.  

Now the CCP is being asked a lot of questions by countries and governments all over the world. They wondered: “did the CCP release the virus on purpose?  Why did the CCP do that?  How many people did the CCP want to kill?  Why did it buy out PPE masks, medical supplies?  How many people died in Wuhan?  Why are there so many deaths in the US, India, Argentina, UK, Italy, and Taiwan?  Why did the CCP sell vaccines so aggressively?  What is the purpose of selling vaccines?” 

We all understand these questions. Behind these questions are doubts. Is it still possible for the CCP to go back to three years ago, two years ago, or even one year ago?  Is it still possible for the CCP to have confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics? It’s impossible. Can the CCP still carry out its “buy, buy, buy” strategy, like a big spender using money to bribe everywhere?  Impossible now, right?

As the intelligence chief of an Asian country said yesterday, a year ago he could not even imagine that the CCP’s economic, social, and political situation could become like this. He said that a year ago, he dared not imagine that the pandemic outbreak originated from the CCP, and that the CCP could manipulate the WHO.  Why would you control the WHO if there is nothing to hide? The WHO might have become a Wu Han Organization. This is common sense. The documents provided by our general in Europe are the strongest evidence, the most powerful proof. Everybody is shocked.

Regarding Bitcoin, it was once 90% controlled by domestic Chinese buyers, and now it’s 70%.  Bitcoin is now used for transactions on the dark web, and criminal purposes.  Why does the CCP want to control Bitcoin?  Why?  There are many reasons. 

I told some government officials yesterday that I would divulge some information the next day.  This is what I will reveal: “tracing the transactions of Bitcoin is a critical way of finding the criminal and intelligence organizations that the CCP has set up overseas. By tracing the transactions of Huobi, you will find out the hidden tax evasion and criminal organizations that use cryptocurrency overseas. Furthermore, you can determine the facts about the coronavirus pandemic and the intelligence agencies of the CCP in the United States and around the world.”  

Even the Confucius Institutes have used students’ identities to operate the dark web and to illegally register companies and institutions in other countries, and launder money.  Some banks took part in money laundering.  

How easy is that?  If they want to investigate, I will provide them the methods and the intelligence. It’s just a matter of whether they want to do it or not, right, my fellow fighters?

My pollen allergy is worse when I stand on this terrace. I thought I recovered already.  So, brothers and sisters, when I tell them this, we have to think of one question ourselves — we all need to have basic common sense, right?  Where does the money come from for Huobi?  Mainly from Guangdong and Shanghai.  Where is the biggest remitting bank?  Inner Mongolia.  

Think about it. In addition to the CCP’s corruption, its criminal organizations overseas, financial networks, and financial institutions are the most crucial factors.  By the way, this morning, Lude Media show seemed to — I didn’t watch all of it — say that the US directly took away somebody’s Bitcoin from the hacker. That was impossible.  There must be somebody who had cooperated. Somebody who had Bitcoin must have got the intelligence, the information, in advance and handed over his bitcoin, including keys as exchange.  At the same time, they informed the relevant agencies how the CCP conducts criminal activities overseas by using Bitcoin. This is very important, brothers and sisters.

Through a certain government, I came to know. They said: “Mr. Guo, you said the population of China is 1.1 billion, that is amazing!  What you said is 100% true.” 

Why, do you know?  Nine years ago, the China census showed that the population was 1.25 billion people. The CCP boasted 1.4 billion; that was a pre-count five years ago, the population was below 1.2 billion people. It was about 1.15 billion or so.  Now it’s only about 1.1 billion people, maybe even less than that. 

China’s population is aging rapidly, and brother-7 said in 2017 that communist China could not become an empire under any circumstances.  The first thing is its population and land. “China’s land is large and abundant” is nonsense. The land is neither large nor abundant.  It is the country with the least amount of land with a population as a denominator, 1/3 of the land is unusable, and resources are scarce.  Now the situation is so bad, the population is so large, and right away the average age will go from 48 years old to 58 years old, when it is 68 years old, where is the fighting power?

Now it is not just about lying down. But we are also sewing up our genitals directly.  The CCP practices “karmamudrā” but prohibits us from having sex, getting married, and having children. Well, we won’t then, right?  For men, it is impotence, for women, it is about sewing them up — this is worse than lying down.  

I told you about a survey the CCP did some time back. Between 38% to 45% of Chinese men and women around 38 had no sex life, no desire, no environment, no circumstances.  All the sex life is “represented” by the bastards at Zhongnanhai (Beijing).  How can people have children in a nation or a country where 30% to 40% of young people do not have sex?  People with a debt load that can only be paid off in 100 or 200 years with their low salaries, how will they be able to have children? How can they raise their children? 

That’s why there are complaints everywhere, only we know the real numbers.  The banks are about to collapse. People have no way to make a living.  We can see that Hong Kong is hopeless. Can mainland China become Hong Kong?  It is impossible!  All the young people know they have no hope, no future. The country is rapidly aging, going from extreme disappointment towards extreme despair. There is no future to look forward to except the NFSC.

Now a US military aircraft has arrived in Taiwan, who said that? Brother-7 said in 2018 that US forces would enter Taiwan. Next, the US military will quickly establish itself around Taiwan.  Not only is the army entering Taiwan, but aircraft carriers will dock in Taiwan.  Brother-7 said that first.  

The US military will enter Taiwan and eventually declare Taiwan as a de facto sovereign and independent country.  There is no need for the CCP to announce, no need to fight or bluff. The US military will declare it directly.  The United States is accumulating great merit. If the United States declares Taiwan’s de facto independent and sends heavy military protection, the United States would be so great. The people of Taiwan will be saved.  Otherwise, the people of Taiwan could enter battle and become victims of war.  I hope that day will come, and we will work for it.  Protect Taiwan, love Taiwan.

I must go now. I will see you later. I must post a Getter today with the bit of time I have. Otherwise, our fellow fighters will worry. Thank you all. Brother-7 is making money for you and fighting for you.

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