A document demanding that subordinates destroy data and information has been exposed

Author: GM70 and translated by Wen Ge

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, cases have been found in many countries. Some people in WHO cooperated with the CCP in fabricating lies, concealing the truth of the virus and deceiving world politicians. This caused the world missed the best time to stop the virus and the global panic. The pandemic is out of control now.

A recent file from Hygiene and Health Committee in Chaoyang City, Liaoning province of China released, according to the file, they were required the internal units to destroy the epidemic-related documents which were sent in Liaoning province, called “Emergency Notice of Safe Disposal on relevant Informations”, the file quickly reached the city government office and Transport Bureau in Chaoyang city, and also Lingyuan city’s government office, Longcheng district government office which is the escrow city of Chaoyang.

They had destroyed a large amount of data and information after they were instructed, and the people who have accessed to the data and information were checked one by one, all of them have to sign a NDA.

This has raised doubts. Why the special request for destruction on the information and data was requested? What are they trying to hide? Do they have to keep it a secret from people inside the system? What are they afraid of?

Is it possible that the communist party is afraid that it has been faking the whole thing, and that it will shock the world if this information comes to light?

The actual number of cases and deaths in China is about five to 10 times higher than the communist party figures, or more. Now the epidemic has seriously affected all countries around the world, disrupted the economy and production order of all countries, disrupted world peace and way of life, made the world into a state of extreme panic and anxiety.

The CCP is the very beginner behind the spread of the virus, and it is bound to be judged by humans!

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