【Lude】2021.6.8 AM:The U.S. Actually Recovered Bitcoin Paid to Hackers

Video Extraction :  Himalaya LA (USA) – xtts
Chinese Subtitles:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA) – Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA (USA)– Yaxiangdierxiwang


A lot of people who use Bitcoin for smuggling and money laundry.  They knowthe games over. I will tell you why this is game over?The news basically tells you that FBI can crack it. Second, from the legal perspective, they agree to crack the system. This is the most important part. The US legal system agrees with the technical cracking of Bitcoin. Without permission of the legal department, this action will be deemed as illegal. You know, the relevant legal terms already make this action legit. This is the most important part. What does it mean? Tracing back all the evils they did with Bitcoin in the dark net is exposed.

A lot of people think it is awesome, since they can use Bitcoin to collect money and laundry money. I can tell you, all that is over. A lot of people ask whether Bitcoin will go to zero. It is not possible, why?As long as you are not using it for evil purpose, from the legal perspective, Bitcoin is just fine. Right, US cannot crackthis for no good reason. Not going to do it randomly, right. This is about new laws to regulate block chain.

What kind of law? This is about, you have the capacity, just like US got nuclear weapons. But can you use the nuclear weapon? No, you cannot. However, if you have nuclear weapons, we cannot survive, and if US got nuclear weapons, the whole earth is screwed. That is not the same concept. US does have the capacity to crack your password. However, they are not going to use it. They got regulations about this, right?They cannot use it to crack your wallet, so Bitcoin still get value. But it will drop, the guys used this for money laundry will dump it. This is my opinion, but just for your reference.

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