[Commentary] U.S. and European Consulates in Hong Kong Lit candles to Commemorate 6.4 Tiananmen Massacre and Support Hong Kong People

Author: MOS Fitness Group Jack Li

Editor: MOS Education Group Jenny

On the evening of June 4th, the U.S. and EU consulates in Hong Kong lit electric candles in the windows of their buildings and posted candlelight tribute images on social media. The Chinese Foreign Ministry Office in Hong Kong issued a statement protesting the interference in internal affairs.

To commemorate the 6.4 Tiananmen Massacre, the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong placed about 400 electric candles that flickered throughout the night on the windowsill of its office building for the first time on the night of June 4th. The European Union Consulate in Hong Kong did the same thing.

It is the first June 4th in Hong Kong after the implementation of the Hong Kong version of National Security Law. The Hong Kong government banned the public from entering Victoria Park to commemorate June 4th, and the Hong Kong Police Force was on the alert, sending 7,000 police officers to blockade Victoria Park to prevent the public from violating the ban to enter the park to participate in the 6.4 Tiananmen Massacre memorial activities. Although unable to gather, Hong Kong people still commemorate June 4th in their own way. At 8 P.M., many people lit up their cell phones in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok, some people also lit candles, and some churches were open to mourners. The police issued a warning to the gathered people, threatening that this behavior violated Hong Kong’s National Security Law and intimidated the people to leave.

A spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong issued a statement on Saturday urging the institutions of some countries in Hong Kong to immediately stop their so-called “interference in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs.”

On June 4th, 1989, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) slaughtered thousands of demonstrators with tanks and bullets, shocking the world. It is shameless for the CCP to describe the brutal massacre of pro-democracy activists as “China’s internal affairs.” The national massacre is not an internal affair, but a matter for all mankind. Anyone or any country has the right to commemorate victims and condemn tyranny. 

In 2019, the CCP massacred Hong Kong people, but the world was indifferent to it. Then the CCP launched a massacre against the whole world. Xi Jinping has unleashed a virus that has killed 3.7 million people, turning the world into his playground for communist tyranny. The devil does not understand the language of human beings, it only advocates violence. Now, we can only use the language the CCP understands to let it know that evil cannot overcome good.

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